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Do You Worry About Making a Good First Impression?

Is your worry about making the best first impression on a date preventing you from putting your real self out there? Maybe you’re just nervous beforehand, but don’t know why, leaving you to feel unsure and off your game when that’s the last way you want to feel before a date. If it feels like …


How Self-Doubt can SABOTAGE your Love Life

A major key to enjoying dating and having the relationship of your dreams is when you can find the joy in the moment, not just on dates but in your everyday life, too. It’s difficult to envision that happy future you’re wanting to find with the man of your dreams if you’re stuck in negative …


The BEST SECRET You Need to Know for Successful Dating

Maybe you’ve been in the dating pool for a while or you’re just dipping a toe back in after a relationship has come to an end. You might be wondering how to stop having unsuccessful dates and find The Guy you’ve always wanted. To help you discover the best secret to successful dating, let’s start …


How to Make Dating Fun for You – Part 3: Be Yourself!

In the last 2 blog posts, I talked about how to make dating fun by remembering that you’re the prize and you always have a choice. Now let’s talk about being yourself! 1.  Forget about how you should act. Many women think that they should do certain things like answer every question that he asks—even …