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Find Your Path to Love in 2017!

Was 2016 a disappointing year for your love life? If you’re single, were you hoping there would be a new man in your life by now? If you’re dating someone, did you think he would propose by now? That’s OK. It’s all behind you now. That’s what a new year is all about. It’s a …


Single? How to Make This A Great Holiday Season!

If you’re currently single, being alone for the holidays can emphasize your single-hood in a unpleasant way. For some, it may even feel like your heartbreak is on display for your family, friends and coworkers to see. This time of year can be difficult when it seems everyone is sharing the joys of the season …


Sex With Your Ex: Why You Need To Think Twice

Breakups happen for a variety of reasons, but that often doesn’t mean that passionate flame you once carried for your ex is gone. You might be tempted to see where those old passions could lead, especially if the sex had been good even if the relationship hadn’t. Last week we discussed whether or not you …


Is Your Ex Hurting Your Love Life?

We’ve all been there at some point: an old, familiar number suddenly appears on your phone out of the blue. It’s the ex. Do you text him back? Return his call? Maybe you’ve been thinking about him lately and have wondered what his life has been like since splitting up. Before you respond, it’s important …


Social Media Danger: How It Can Break Your New Relationship

It’s no surprise that introducing social media into your budding relationship has the potential to backfire. There are good reasons why women who want a serious relationship often don’t introduce their new man to their friends until they’re sure the relationship has some real possibility. And social media is a lot like bringing him into …