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Your Inner Voice Can Boost Your Chance at Love and Happiness

When is the last time you looked inside and thought about what you really wanted? When is the last time you voiced what you want? Feelings and thoughts help guide us. They are the keys to knowing who we are and what’s important to us. They signal to us our values. For example, if a …


When Should I Have Sex with a New Man?

In this modern world of online dating sites like Tinder and the “hook up” culture, the message seems to be clear: Women are expected to say “yes” to sex, and right away. But is that in your best interest? Or are you feeling pressured to act against your instincts? Does the thought of rushing into …


Single Women: Does Media Pressure You to Be Someone You’re Not?

Great strides were made in the last few decades for women, particularly where women were given more choices to find themselves and their individual paths. Women said “no” to being required to conform to the role of a 1950s-style Happy Homemaker. However, rather than follow our own paths, many of us are still conforming, only …


How To Jump-Start Your Unhappy Love Life: 5 Basic Steps

When you reflect on your love life from last year, how did it turn out?  A few bumps along the road to happiness? Or was it one riddled with potholes and breakdowns? If it was the latter, then perhaps this is the year when you try a new route. If decisions you’ve made in the …