Do You Have a Battle Buddy to Help You During the Pandemic?


The pandemic right now is causing everyone some degree of stress. Many people are facing extraordinary amounts of stress at the moment, though you may not be in that camp. But do you know which camp you’re in?

Make sure you aren’t minimizing or dismissing any worries or anxieties you are feeling, even if you do know other people are going through “worse” things than you. Maybe you haven’t lost your job, or you and everyone you know is perfectly healthy and fine, but that doesn’t mean your worries are unjustified. Be honest about what you’re feeling, and see if you need more support.

If you’re single and alone at home, you may be feeling isolated or lonely, especially since right now you can’t even leave your house and rely on your usual social contacts. If you’re living with a partner or have close friends or family with you right now, you may have the right support to help you get through these difficult times, but not everyone is like that.

Some cannot turn to the people they know and love for this emotional support, for a variety of reasons. But, know this: if you’re spending a lot of time and effort trying to get emotional support from people who aren’t good at giving it, it can end up creating more conflict in the end. And, that leads to even more stress. It’s not that they don’t want to give emotional support – they just may not be in the right mindset to do it or are in general bad at this sort of thing.

Instead of going this route, maybe you can learn a brilliant strategy of getting what you need from the United States Army.

What the US Army Can Teach You

Every soldier in the US Army is assigned a “battle buddy” who is a partner to help them in or out of combat. Ask any soldier, and they’ll tell you this buddy system is essential because, in a way, everyone gets taken care of, and there isn’t one soldier left aside.

Sure, some problems can’t be solved, and a “battle buddy” can only do so much. But, this strong, supportive connection is very important when you’re facing a difficult situation. And it can be helpful to you too.

It helps to know there’s a person there, ready to listen to your worries and help you, even when you don’t necessarily ask for help. A battle buddy isn’t just there to step in when needed – they analyze, watch, and look for signs that something isn’t right with you. They spot the first signs of problems and step in to prevent you from falling. They encourage you to take care of yourself and get help when you need it.

It’s a great system that can really make a difference not just right now, but all through your life. If you don’t view this pandemic as a “battle,” then maybe you don’t want to call your buddy that, so you can choose a different name that is more comfortable with you. Maybe you can call them a “pandemic partner” or a “COVID companion.” You can most likely come up with a better name than that, and when you do, I’d love to hear it.

The name itself is not that important, however. It’s the person you choose, who needs to be someone you think can support you emotionally. Someone who will listen, try to understand you, and will be there for you when needed. Someone who will look for the signs and ask you if you’re alright maybe even before you consciously realize you have a problem. Such people do exist, you know. Choose someone who you trust, is dependable, and capable of empathy and understanding.

This Choice Will Help You More Than You Realize

The choices we make about partners, regardless if it’s a spouse, a business partner, or a battle buddy, are critical. If you’re now working toward being your own Brand of Sexy, this experience will undoubtedly help you gain a little more clarity regarding what to look forward to, especially when it comes to choosing a partner.

Women are often more satisfied in a relationship when their partners make an effort to understand them when it comes to their negative feelings, even if their partners are struggling with it or unable to accurately identify the feelings. It’s the effort that counts here. When he’s willing to put in the work to get to know you, that’s a very good sign that he’s in it for the long haul.

Figuring out what you want from or in your battle buddy may help you get a clearer image of what you’re looking for in a romantic partner too. After all, some qualities overlap: understanding, kind, patient, considerate, etc. It may also help you learn to ask for what you want, another essential skill when it comes to finding the right man. Instead of waiting for him to wake up and find out what you need or want, tell him what you expect, and what you offer in return. If you stop to think about it, it’s a much healthier approach that allows you to move forward with the guy that’s right for you.

What do you think about this battle buddy system, or whatever else you want to call it? Do you think this may be something you need? Leave me a comment below with your take on it, I’d love to hear it!

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