Do You Want a Successful Love Life? Avoid These Men Like the Plague


Want to find your happily ever after? Then, it’s all about finding the right partner!

The right partner is a real man who’s comfortable with who he is and knows what he brings into a relationship. He is confident and knows what it takes to make a relationship work. Sure, if you’re just looking for something less serious, you can skip these qualities. But, if you’re interested in a long-term relationship, just dating any guy will leave you ultimately unsatisfied.

After a few months or years of just dating you might find yourself alone, or with a man who doesn’t fulfill your needs. This can lead to a lot of heartbreak and regrets because you are essentially just wasting your time with the wrong man. You might also spend time trying to make this relationship work, without even questioning whether this man is really right for you. And this ends up distracting you from your path towards true love, the kind of love you really want.

Short-term relationships are not to be discounted entirely, however. They can provide valuable learning experiences. But, at a certain point, they can get really old, especially when your needs move more towards long-term relationships and full commitment.

It takes time to get to know a man, and how do you know the one you’re dating is truly is in it for the long run? How do you protect your heart and, at the same time, get to know him better, avoid casual dating, and short-term relationships?

Well, it’s not simple. But it starts when you learn to avoid these men:

Avoid These Men #1: Mr. Needy

He can’t wait to get involved. In fact, he seems in a hurry to do it. He moves quickly. Texts you all the time. He wants to see you every day. This can all feel very flattering and appealing at first because he is giving you attention, and that feels amazing. The problem is, if he reaches this point way too soon, it may spell trouble.

And in most cases, when you decide to move forward with this man, he pulls away and gets involved with someone else very quickly. This likely stems from some deep insecurities he has, which make him need so much, so soon. You want to avoid dating him because he could just as quickly be out the door.

Avoid These Men #2: Mr. Distant

He always feels very far away, even if he genuinely is falling in love with you. Every time you get closer, he takes a step back. He is scared of commitment, of something long-term. It could be because he’s not ready for the kind of relationship you want, or he has other priorities right now.

Whatever the reason, this is not a man you want to date when you know that you want a long-term, stable relationship. He still needs time to figure some things out for himself, but you don’t want to stick by him while he does that.

Avoid These Men #3: Mr. Selfish.

Mr. Selfish is all about himself, and only himself. His needs and wants, and that’s it. He might even be a narcissist and have little to no concern for you at all. He can usually easily lie to you to avoid confrontation or things he doesn’t like because all he’s interested in is his own comfort.

It’s easy to fall in love with Mr.Selfish since he can be good looking, and very successful. But don’t be fooled by his charms. These types of relationships are rarely healthy because one person doesn’t (or can’t) care about what the other feels or thinks.

Avoid These Men #4: Mr. Going Nowhere

Sure, he’s texting or calling you, but he never actually puts in the effort to see you. No real date, or even a passing suggestion to meet in person.

This type of man usually doesn’t move things forward. You never know what the problem is. Is it you? Is he busy? What does he actually want? All these questions can pop up when you’re dating this man, but trying to answer them is really a waste of your time. Just ignore them because you deserve a lot better.

Avoid These Men #5: Mr. Controlling

It’s his way or the highway. He doesn’t really value your opinion. He seems to always have a problem with how you dress and wants you to get his permission before things, like seeing your girlfriends. And if he’s like this from the beginning, it will only get worse from there.

Your Next Success Steps:

You should avoid these men when you decide you want something more, a long-term and meaningful relationship.

Think about the men you’ve dated in the past. Do they fit any of the men on this list? Do you think it will be hard for you to avoid these types of men? If so, the chapter How to Prune The Good Guys and Get Rid of the Weeds on pages 147-151 in Be Your Own Brand of Sexy can really help you figure out how to avoid these types of men and start dating the ones that will genuinely give you what you want.

Have you dated any of these 5 types of men in the past? Let me know in the comments. I always love discovering your stories.

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