Getting Back in the Game: 5 Great Reasons to Consider Video Chat Dating


Dating is hard. Dating in the times of Covid is grueling. Perhaps this is why many people decided to put their love lives on hold until things get a bit better. And, understandably so: the thought of coming down with COVID-19 is frightening, and all of us should make health a top priority right now.

Although being masked and socially distant may make romance feel almost impossible, it doesn’t mean that you should stop dating.

Online dating and video chats can make it possible for you to safely start dating, even if you aren’t ready to meet anyone in person.

Believe it or not, video chat dating during the pandemic can give you a built-in way to tell if a man is a keeper, if you do it right. I’ll tell you more in today’s bonus tip.

So how can you tell when the time is right for you to start video chat dating?

Video Chat Dating Reason #1: You’re Serious About Finding Love

You’ve had your fair share of failed relationships and have learned a lot about yourself and what you need. You know now what you want in a man. And, you’re determined to find a quality relationship with a good man, and you’re willing to do what it takes to make that happen.

Video Chat Dating Reason #2: You’ve Waited Long Enough

It’s important to consider how long you really want to wait before you get back to dating. If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines, this pandemic has already set your love life back a whole year. Nobody can tell you exactly when it will end, so why not put your toe back in the water? You may not meet Mr. Right as soon as the pandemic is over, and it might be helpful to start getting into the swing of dating again sooner rather than later.

Video Chat Dating Reason #3: You Need Dating Practice

You’re a little rusty with your dating skills and could use some practice. Video chat dating provides the perfect environment to work on your skills and feel more comfortable with dating. When the pandemic is over, video chat dating will give you a running start because you’ll be more comfortable with the dating process.

Video Chat Dating Reason #4: You May Have Issues to Work on

If you have a pattern of dating narcissistic men or men who can’t commit, you may need to learn more about detecting these kinds of men and weeding them out. Maybe you can’t tell there are red flags or you might even be attracted to them. Either way, learning more about your patterns with men will speed up the dating process for you.

Video Chat Dating Reason #5: You Want to Build Your Confidence

When you put a profile online and men find you attractive and interesting, it can help you to feel better about yourself and your future. Of course, dating isn’t always a confidence booster, but it can be as long as you keep your expectations low and take any feelings of rejection as just part of the process of finding the right match.

Bonus Tip

The pandemic gives you the perfect reason to keep saying “no” to an in-person meeting until you’re completely comfortable. How he handles it is the key to whether there is a future with him and how your relationship would look. If he’s not willing to wait, then he may not be a keeper.

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Let us know whether you’re on the fence or thinking of moving forward. We always love to hear from you

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