How the Pandemic Can Help You Make Better Love Life Choices


2020 is probably nothing like you were imagining a few months back while making your resolutions and getting all excited about the opportunities to come. The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way people live all over the world. It is affecting our lives, from basic needs like socializing and leaving the house when we feel like it to smaller, non-essential aspects such as enjoying fine arts or… dating.

Your love life may be looking pretty bleak at the moment with all the mandated restrictions in place to prevent the spread of the virus and protect us from getting COVID-19. In the middle of this massive dating dry spell, if you’re a woman looking for a serious relationship you may not realize the advantage the pandemic could give you.

How so?

The dating game as we knew it is rapidly changing, in your favor! If this proclamation sounds like wishful thinking or just straight unrealistic, a look at the big picture might actually change your mind.

If You Have Too Many Options, Then It Becomes Extremely Difficult to Make a Choice

In the past several decades, single men and women were presented with so many options in terms of dating and relationships that commitment wasn’t a priority for many of them. Our society loves having lots of choices, but “having it all” can sometimes lead to confusion and inadequacy.

Barry Schwartz’s book, The Paradox of Choice: Why More is Less, suggests that too many options lead to higher expectations and more opportunity for disappointment, regret, self-blame, and trouble making decisions. Schwartz uses the example of going to buy a pair of jeans and being overwhelmed with so many choices. Even if we are generally pleased with our partner, we may be left with the nagging feeling that we might have missed an even better choice.

Numerous dating choices can make commitment more difficult. Your current dating partner may be great, but what if you’re missing out on someone better?

Enter the COVID-19 era: your options have narrowed to a sliver. There are no parties where you can meet a dating partner. A man may no longer be able to persuade a woman to accompany him anywhere. That can remain true even after restaurants open again. Just think about it: anyone willing to have casual sex with you might be perceived with suspicion. Are they hooking up with others too and potentially infecting you?

All of a sudden, commitment looks like a much better option than it did a few months ago. Not to mention, having a committed relationship during the pandemic has numerous benefits: a companion while sheltering in place, a regular sexual partner, no more video chat dating. Being in a cozy and stable relationship can bring a lot of comfort during times of uncertainty.

Another benefit of dating during the pandemic is that it’s probably going to make it easier for you to tell if he’s looking for a committed relationship. The current climate could be compared to the “cuffing season”. People tend to seek out a romantic relationship to feel safer, warmer, cozier in times of loneliness, societal pressure or stress. This is why you’re going to have to figure out if your dating partner is good at keeping his commitments. You don’t want him disappearing when dating becomes a little more normal.

Listen and pay attention to what he’s saying about dating these days. Is he complaining that there’s nowhere to go and nothing to do? Or does he seem to be more interested in figuring out whether you two are compatible for a relationship? If you want commitment, you need to look for the man who’s sizing up whether you are a match and then decides you are.

So how will you make such complex evaluations during a time that doesn’t offer many options for dating couples? It’s all about making the best of what you have.

How to Get Really Good at Video Chat Dating

Maybe your only option at this point is video chat dating. Then, here’s an opportunity to get really good at it. It will also be your best screening tool moving forward until we’ve all been vaccinated. Why take chances with a total stranger when video chat lets you screen men, without any health risk?

If you’d like my best tips for video chat dating, get my new FREE guide, How to Make a Good First Impression Video Chat Dating. It will help you see who makes a good fit and who is the dating partner most likely to commit in the long run.

It’s time to celebrate! The days of men who no longer want commitments are coming to an end. Leave us a comment below and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear from you.



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