How to Look for Love in Uncertain Times: the Delta Variant


Looking for Love: How to Handle the Latest Confusing Risks

Just when you thought there could be light at the end of the tunnel, the Covid-19 pandemic has taken yet another turn that makes matters a lot more complicated. Your dating life included.

The new delta variant has hit the country hard, what with it being far more contagious and easier to spread. From what we know, it seems this variant is even more contagious than the common cold.

If people infected with the original form of Covid-19 virus were likely to spread it to 2-3 people, it looks like this newer and more contagious variant raises the stakes, meaning you can even spread to as many as 5-9 people. Specialists are also saying it has a longer window of time when it can infect others and it might make older people sicker, even if they have been vaccinated. What’s worse, it looks like even young people without pre-existing medical conditions are getting very ill.

But, there is some good news, as the vaccines seem to be able to protect people from severe disease, though it’s worth noting it will not 100% protect you from getting the virus in the first place. In a recent outbreak in Massachusetts, 75% of the people who got infected had been vaccinated. Experts are saying the risk of vaccinated people transmitting the virus further is low, but it can happen, so caution is still advised.

As you’ve likely noticed, news regarding the COVID-19 pandemic is changing at a very fast rate because we simply don’t have enough scientific data to answer all the questions surrounding it. We still need time to learn more about this variant.

Until then, here are some ways you can protect yourself and handle the new outbreak while not completely pausing your efforts to look for love:

  1. Take Precautions

We’re seeing a new spike in the number of cases, so it’s best for you to take precautions instead of taking risks. If you are vaccinated, you might be protected against the more serious symptoms of the COVID-19 virus, but it’s not 100% guaranteed. Caution is still the best way to go.

Getting Covid-19 is not something anyone wants, even if it’s at a much lower risk to develop a serious case. You’d still have to quarantine to prevent infecting other people, which will mean isolating yourself for at least 2 weeks.

Yes, at this point we’re all getting tired of these precautions like wearing masks or social distancing, but this variant may be the thing that tips the scale and gets many more people vaccinated, allowing everyone to feel much safer. In the meantime, don’t take any chances with your health!

  1. Consider Getting Vaccinated

The vaccine has sparked a rather heated debate, but from all the information we have, we still know getting vaccinated is one of the best tools we have against the pandemic.

There are so many reasons why people are afraid or resistant to get the vaccine. Some don’t trust the authorities, be it doctors or even the government. Others have fallen into the traps of fake news and misinformation. And many people are just scared, plain and simple.

Of course there are risks, like there are with any drug or vaccine. You are the only one who can weigh the risks to you and your health against the potential benefits. These factors can be widely different for you than for someone else, so it’s okay to take the time to think about it. Just make sure the information you use to inform yourself and base your decision on is accurate, and coming from official sources, rather than conspiracy theories that are now all too common online. Above all, discuss the risks with your doctor to assess your particular situation.

If you are unvaccinated, you may have been able to meet potential partners who were also unvaccinated, but it looks like Apple just removed that app from their app store. Realistically, there will be an increasing number of restrictions for those unvaccinated because of the dangers this variant presents. For example, businesses are being pressured to require vaccinations for employees or customers.

Look, my family and I have been vaccinated and I can honestly say that does provide a much more reassuring sense of security, even if I know it’s not 100%. But we are doing all we can to protect ourselves. And vaccination appears to be the best option so far.

  1. Use Video Chats

Lastly, vaccinated or unvaccinated, you always have the option of using video chat for dating purposes. It helps you safely meet new people without exposing yourself to the risk of the delta variant or any new variant that comes our way. If you’re wondering how to do it, I’ve prepared something that might help, which you can check out here.

It can be hard to know if a man you have never met can be trusted enough to be sure he has been vaccinated as he says, or that he is careful and takes the necessary precautions to protect himself. Video chatting protects you from meeting in person until you truly feel safe doing so.

If you feel like the dating process is not right for you, given everything that’s happening, there is still a lot you can do to get ready when you do feel ready.

Your Next Success Steps:

If you don’t know what to do next, start your journey by taking my dating quiz to see if you are making good dating decisions or if you’re self-sabotaging.

How has COVID affected your dating life? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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