Should You Just Give up Love for Now?


When everyone around you seems to be putting their lives on hold as a result of this global health crisis, it can seem strange to even consider focusing on your love life right now. Plus, you can’t even meet up with your potential partner face-to-face, since it’s safer for you to isolate at home. So, what’s the point in putting in all this effort if you know you can’t take things to the next level right now?

There is no doubt that these times present some unique challenges when it comes to meeting a potential partner and start a new relationship, but do you want to give up on your life goals? The COVID-19 pandemic will end at some point, but you have your entire future to think about.

Working on Your Love Life

Even if you don’t enter a new relationship and find “the one” right now, there are still plenty of ways you can use this time at home to work on your love like.

And for that, you need these three steps:

  1. Explore What Exactly Has Been Blocking Your Success to Find Love or to Love in the Past

You want to talk about meeting Mr. Right and moving forward with your love life? This would be almost impossible without taking a close look at yourself and your past relationship to see what went wrong. This way, you can avoid future missteps.

  1. Being Able to Tell Which Men Are Looking for Commitment and Which Aren’t

In a time where casual dating is not just left on the sidelines but is considered risky, men can’t get a date at a drop of a hat the way they were used to. Many of them will see commitment as a better option, more so than they did last year.

And you need to learn which will keep their commitments, and which won’t.

  1. Learning New Skills and Strategies When It Comes to Dating

It’s always a good idea to learn a new skill, but especially now that you may have a lot more time to work on yourself, it’s the perfect period to start doing it. Sometimes, it may be better to practice these new skills so that they begin to feel natural to you, not like you’re trying them out for the first time.

You want to be ready for that special someone when he arrives, and you want to feel relaxed and confident about the approach you choose to take with him.

Your Dating Life Isn’t Necessarily on Hold

Yes, you can’t leave the house without opening yourself to a lot of risks these days, but does that mean your entire dating life has to be paused? Not exactly.

It’s still possible to do some dating, even though this new form of dating doesn’t really look (or feel) like what you’re used to. You are lucky to have access to all kinds of technology that can help you “put yourself out there” from the comfort of your own home. And these technologies can help you make a connection with men who, at some point, may even become future partners.

Yes, I am talking about online dating. It’s waiting for you right now, and it can be very effective if you do it right. Online dating is a rather divisive topic, and it’s easy to learn only the extremes about it: it’s either terrible or it’s wonderful. Of course, it has the potential to be both, but with the right plan in mind, you can increase the chances of your online dating adventures to be successful.

Although you still want to make sure he still resembles his profile picture, you need to prepare yourself for checking him out more than you’re used to. Video chat dating isn’t meant to replace traditional dating – it’s an intermediate step you can take from texting him on the dating app or platform.

It won’t be as fun as going out for a coffee or a movie, but right now, it’s the best you’ve got. And unless you want your dating life to be in total limbo for who knows how long, it’s a good idea to truly consider online dating, topped with video chat dating.

Final Thoughts

Even when the country will open up and you can return to your normal life, you still may not be comfortable to get back out there and try to meet a prospective partner. If you take a 100% break from dating, in all its forms, it’s not necessarily that your dating skills will go rusty, but you will definitely need some time to re-adjust.

And, that is crazy, considering you don’t have to put your dating life on complete lockdown too. If your goal is to find happiness and meet the one, you can still actively work on that while in isolation by working on yourself and trying these new dating trends.

If you’re open to the idea of dating during a pandemic but don’t know where to start or what this process even looks like, I may have something for you. You can grab my new FREE guide, How to Make a Good First Impression Video Chat Dating, and learn more about what video chat dating involves, as well as how to prepare for your first video date.

What are your dating worries these days, during the pandemic? Tell us your story in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!

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