The Best Time for Dating Reentry Is Now. Here’s How to Do It


Dating during a global pandemic does not seem like the safest thing in the world, so a lot of people have put their love life on hold for a while.

And that makes a lot of sense: when experts tell us the safest thing we can do to protect ourselves is to keep our distance from others, that puts even your love life into a different perspective. To a certain extent, all of our lives have been placed on hold, but if we haven’t gone through the experience of a tragic loss or facing the disease head-on, we are actually the lucky ones. So many people in the entire world are not so lucky.

There is some light at the end of the tunnel in the form of a vaccine, but it’s still not a 100% effective way to protect yourself. Also, not everyone will even get this shot. Nobody knows how the COVID variants will come into play either, and potentially influence the pandemic, such as extending it.

But, there is a safe way to get back out there. Video chats are that safe option, and many people are already using them. But a lot of them are not.

Video dating can be safe if you make it safe. As long as you can set boundaries with men, you don’t have to meet anyone until you are completely comfortable.

Think about this: how much longer can you remain on the sidelines of love? It might be a good time to think about when and how you want to re-test the waters and return to the dating world.

If you are still on the fence about it, it might be good for you to approach the decision with a practical mindset. Here are some important factors to consider in your decision regarding when to start dating again:

Dating Reentry Consideration #1: You May Need Practice

If your dating life has been put on pause for over a year, it’s natural for your skills to be a little bit rusty. Dating reentry, if done abruptly, might not come easy right now. Also, you now have new challenges that did not exist a year ago, such as when, where, and how to go out in public so that you still feel safe.

Do you feel comfortable getting to know someone new now? Chances are, you may need some time to get back to your pre-pandemic comfort level with dating. But with video dating, you can test the water from home, and freshen up your skills.

Dating Reentry Consideration #2: You May Have Some Issues to Work on

When you finally get back out there, you may still have some “blind spots” you will need to work on to improve your dating decisions.

You might need time to develop your instincts and let your intuition speak louder so that you can choose the right path for you. The path that will lead to love, and not heartaches and even more confusion.

Dating Reentry Consideration #3: You May Not Meet Mr. Right As Soon As You Start Dating Again

I know you’re looking for Mr. Right, but even if you’re ready to return to dating, it is possible not to meet him straight away.

You need to adjust your expectations. If you believe you will find your one and only in the first guy you date, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. You may have to go through a few Mr. Just Okay and Mr. Absolutely Not, but it’s all part of the process.

The sooner you return to dating, the sooner you will get over those lackluster dates and find Mr. Right.

Dating Reentry Consideration #4: Time Is Passing

When we’re looking for love, and crave a relationship strongly, time passing can be our worst enemy. But, the safety of yourself and your family comes first, so you might feel a little conflicted.

Through the world of video chat dating, you can make progress in your dating life, while still staying safe and keeping your distance.

Consider all the factors that could delay the time it takes to get into a relationship. Hasn’t the past year already thrown off the schedule for dating you had in mind? How much longer do you want to delay it?

Dating Reentry Consideration #5: You Want a Relationship

As human beings, we’re built for connection. Our brains are wired to crave consistent bonding and nurturing. We have this need, and it does not go away with time, or even during a global pandemic.

It’s natural to want a relationship. Most people want it because they do not want to end up alone. Video chat dating is a simple way to move forward during these uncertain times.

Bottom Line

You can reenter dating through video chat if you do it right. Which means setting boundaries with the men you are talking to.

You have to say “I’m not comfortable meeting you in person yet” until you are sure you want to take the plunge. If you are not sure how to do that and want more dating pointers specific to your style, you can take my free quiz right now.

Your Next Steps:

If you want to dive deeper into the world of video chat dating, get my free guide How to Make a Good First Impression Video Chat Dating here.

Or, get my free quiz here to discover more about your dating style, and how to approach this entire dating reentry process!



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