You are not alone.  Sisterhood is a critical and exciting part of the new sexual revolution.  Sisterhood is about celebrating happy times and supporting each other when we need a soft place to fall.

That support may be about dating, relationships and anything else that’s important to you.  What’s important is that you know how to support your sisters in a healthy and productive way.

The Be Your Own Brand of Sexy Rules of Sisterhood

  1. Stand together.  As individuals it can be difficult to stand up against harmful cultural expectations.  Together we are more powerful than we know.  Make use of that power to help yourself and your sisters.
  2. Support your sisters’ choices. Imagine what would happen if we encouraged our sisters to avoid self-destructive behaviors and embrace healthy choices.  We’d be a lot closer to becoming our happiest, best selves. That’s what we want.
  3. Respect your sisters. We may not agree with our sisters’ choices, but we owe each other respect.  Accept your sisters’ choices even when they are different than your own.  Only when we show others respect, can we expect the same in return.

Together we can do this.  Join the sisterhood.  Be your own Brand of Sexy.  

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