The Books

The Books

How to Get Modern Dating to Work for Your Love Life

Today’s dating culture is a minefield. With tricky dos and don’ts and endless conflicting strategies, women are more confused than ever. You could be hurting yourself and not even know it, but psychiatrist Dr. Susan says:

It’s not your fault.

Thirty-five years of listening to the most profound secrets of patients has allowed Dr. Susan to unlock the mystery of why women don’t get what they want from men. She says dating doesn’t have to be filled with angst and disappointment anymore.

It’s time to change your game.

Dr. Susan will give you the tools to date on your own terms, enjoy the process, and find happiness Yes, all that is possible with Dr. Susan’s multi-award-winning transformative method. Being your own Brand of Sexy is all about loving yourself and believing in your own unique beauty and talents, even though it may not fit into society’s mold.

Here is the best part: the more you believe in your own worth and embrace your individuality, the easier dating becomes. Even life itself can become easier. The Be Your Own Brand of Sexy books help you to get what you want out of dating without being super confident or beautiful.

The right man will love and appreciate you for exactly who you are, so you can stop focusing on fitting in and empower yourself by being your own Brand of Sexy.

These books are for you:

If you want a committed relationship with a good man, a man who listens, supports you, and accepts you, even when you’re in a bad mood or not looking your best, these books are right for you. You know pain and heartbreak if you have ever dated men who will not commit, are narcissistic, or men who aren’t into you.

Whether you have struggled with dating for years or are newly single, you don’t want to beat your head against a wall on your dating journey when you could have the right guidance now.

Change your future by following the advice in these books and discovering your best self through the dating process.

Be your own Brand of Sexy and change your life!

Your dreams of love are possible. You just need to find the courage to take this step and buy now. You will be glad you did!

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