The Superpower of Being Your True Self When Dating

Jessica, a successful businesswoman, was excited about a second date with Michael, still riding high after their fantastic first meeting. He was just as intellectually engaging as she’d hoped. Over wine at a cozy bistro, they began discussing a novel they had both recently read. Jessica enthusiastically shared her thoughts, enjoying Michael’s passion for analyzing …


The Thrills and Challenges of Dating a Younger Man

Samantha’s drive had made her a successful career woman, but her love life had suffered. Her long marriage ended in divorce. After taking a few years to heal, Samantha decided to dip her toes back into dating. She matched on a dating app with Jacob, an up-and-coming entrepreneur whose startup had just been funded. Despite …


Dating Advice for Ambitious Women with No Time for Dating

Sophia had always been a driven, ambitious woman who wanted to make her mark on the world. Sophia was proud of the career she built, working long hours over the past 20 years and climbing the corporate ladder. But, her personal life was lacking. Sophia had been so laser-focused on establishing herself professionally that dating …


Do Men Get Intimidated by Women? Dating Tips for Achievers

Successful women face a unique challenge when it comes to dating: how do you present your achievements without inadvertently intimidating potential partners? Let’s look at Natalie, a high-achieving marketing executive, and how she navigated this tricky dating situation. Natalie had always taken pride in her professional accomplishments. As a rising star in her marketing firm, …


How to Feel Good about Your Body: A Journey Within

Jessica had always struggled with her weight, and her father’s hurtful comments about her body stung. He would call her “chubby” and make jokes that made her feel bad about herself. She began to criticize herself like he did, and she started to believe that she wasn’t good enough because of her size. As a …


Is It True That Couples Who Laugh Together Last Together?

Picture this: you’re on a first date with a charming gentleman who regales you with tales of his misadventures in cooking. As he recounts the time he mistook salt for sugar and ended up with a culinary catastrophe, you find yourself unable to suppress a giggle. In that moment, something shifts between you—an invisible bond …


Is It Manipulation to Get What You Want from a Man?

Is trying to get what you want from a man the same as manipulation? When I suggest that a woman might benefit from some strategies to help her approach dating and relationships, many women feel uncomfortable and conflicted. They say, “I don’t want to play games” or “I don’t want to seem manipulative.” The ‘strategy’ …