What’s the Link between Your Self-esteem and the Media

What’s the Link between Your Self-Esteem and the Media?

There are many ways that the media can cause you to doubt yourself and lead to lower self-esteem. If you’re a woman looking for love, media influences can lead to second-guessing in two major areas that are critical for your success: your appearance and your decisions about intimacy. How the Media Influences Your Feelings about …


Is It True That a Cheater Never Changes Its Spots?

We’ve all heard the old phrase, “Once a cheater, always a cheater.” Is it true? And how can you tell if the man you’re dating could be a serial cheater? The subject of infidelity makes a lot of us twitchy. If you’ve even been betrayed, you know how it feels to have your trust shattered …


How to Write a Dating Profile for a High-Value Woman

In today’s digital age, the quest for love has taken a fascinating turn. When you enter the world of online dating, your profile is the modern-day equivalent of a first impression – it’s your chance to dazzle, enchant, and ignite sparks of connection. Just as an artist uses a canvas to paint their masterpiece, you …


10 Questions about Relationships to Improve Your Love Life

We’re always learning new things about dating, relationships, and love because there’s a lot for all of us to learn. Looking at your disappointments and mistakes can be painful, but it usually makes a big difference in understanding what we truly seek in a partner and a relationship. If you’re having any kind of trouble …


Is Chivalry Dead in Dating? Stop Settling for Less

The feminist movements of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries led to much more power for women in the workplace. But have we also gained more power in our private lives? Maybe not. And there’s one big problem — we may have killed off chivalry. All the old chivalry toward a woman – opening her door, …