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Welcome to the global discussion!

You are not alone.  Sisterhood is a critical and exciting part of the new sexual revolution and Be Your Own Brand Of Sexy is intended to be discussed with your sisters.

Sisterhood means you have a place to talk about dating, sexuality and relationships.  It’s about celebrating happy times and supporting each other when we need a soft place to fall. Click here for the rules to sisterhood.

Not sure of how to find sisters?

Perhaps you already have a close circle of friends – terrific!  If you don’t, there are sisters waiting for you.  Take the first step by seeking out groups in your community or creating your own.  Gatherings can be formal meetings, impromptu coffees or whatever you choose.

What’s important is that we focus on helping each other.

Prefer to ponder in private?

Some of you may not yet be ready to share publicly.  That’s fine – sisterhood is about respecting individual choices.  If you feel more comfortable keeping your thoughts to yourself, journaling your answers is a great option.

Don’t know how to start the conversation?

Below are questions to help you begin.  They are numbered for the sake of organization, but there is not a right or wrong order.  Start anywhere and feel free to expand on the topics.  Just start talking.  Also, don’t forget the importance of listening.  Everyone wants to be heard.  Give your sisters that gift.


  1. What does it mean to be sexy?  Beautiful?  Confident?  Strong?  Feminine?
  2. How are you sexy?  Beautiful?  Confident?  Strong?  Feminine?
  3. How can we be both strong and feminine women?  Is that possible?
  4. Why does the double standard between men and women still exist?  What can we do to equalize the playing field?
  5. Why are women so hard on themselves? Are women competing for men or with other women?
  6. What do you want out of dating? What are your short and long term goals?
  7. Are your dating behaviors/ strategies getting you what you want? If not, what changes could you make?
  8. What are your non-negotiables with men?
  9. In what ways do you expect respect from men?
  10. Do your friends notice patterns in your choices or behaviors with men?
  11. Are we pushing men away by being so self-sufficient?
  12. Does it feel OK to you to ask a man out? Do you think this is a successful dating strategy? Has it worked for you? Why or why not?
  13. How is your dating influenced by media?
  14. How would you like to see our cultural expectations for women change? How would you like to see our cultural expectations for men change? How can you encourage those changes?
  15. Has our culture gone too far with our focus on sex?   How does this impact you as a woman?
  16. How do you define sexual freedom?
  17. Can we separate sex from intimacy? Why or why not?
  18. Is casual sex helpful or harmful for women?  Have you been hurt by casual sex?
  19. How does our sexually saturated culture affect teens and what should we do about it?
  20. When should couples bring up the subject of monogamy? Who should bring it up?
  21. How do you handle conflict in relationships? How can you improve your communication during conflict?
  22. Which of the five Be Your Own Brand of Sexy guidelines are your strengths? In what situations?
  23. Which of the five Be Your Own Brand of Sexy guidelines would you like to improve? Why?
  24. In what situations is it difficult for you to say no to men? What strategies would help you stand up for yourself in those situations?
  25. What does “protecting your heart” mean to you? How do you protect your heart?  How could you better protect your heart?
  26. Which dating strategies in the Single Woman’s 12-Piece Dating Toolbox do you find the most helpful? Which will you try?
  27. How can you incorporate Sisterhood into your life? Who are your trusted sisters, and how do you support each other? How could you build more sisterhood in your life?
  28. What does your Brand of Sexy look like?

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