How to Find a Therapist

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However, some people may need intensive individual work with a mental health professional to feel the way they want to feel and get the results they want. This is not a failure—it’s a sign of strength to recognize that you may need help and ask for it.  

Let’s start by breaking down the types of mental health providers.

This person is an MD who specializes in mental health. A psychiatrist is the only person on this list who can prescribe medication.  Some psychiatrists do talk therapy.  Some only manage your medication.

This person holds either a PhD or PsyD in psychology. Most psychologists specialize in talk therapy.

Social Worker/MSW
This person has a masters in social work and specializes in talk therapy.

This is a broad term that describes someone who does talk therapy.  It does not specify a specific type of training.  It’s important to ask about training when considering a psychotherapist.

If you think you need medication, you want to seek out a psychiatrist.  For talk therapy, you want to find the right personality match.

Look for someone who plans to spend the first few sessions really understanding you and what caused you to seek help. You also want someone who helps you understand what brought you to treatment.  A shared understanding of the problem is crucial.  A good therapist makes sure that you are both on the same page about your issues and goals as well as how you will work together to address them.

Your primary care doctor can give you advice about what type of mental health provider would be appropriate for you. Ask your primary care provider for a referral.

If cost is a concern, it is also important to check the details of your health insurance plan to find out what type of therapy is covered, how many sessions are covered, and whether you must choose certain providers in order for your treatment to be covered by your plan.

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Important:  If you feel suicidal, do not delay. Go straight to the nearest emergency room.

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