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Welcome to the Own Your Options 30-Day Makeover Headquarters!


Are you ready to change the game? Over the next thirty days, women all over the world will be taking the same journey of empowerment and self-discovery as you. It’s my hope that this shared experience will spread the spirit of sisterhood that I describe in my book and build momentum for a New Sexual Revolution that helps women stand up for themselves and get what they want from relationships and life.

The progress we make in Own Your Options—as individuals and as sisters—will help us change how we see both ourselves and our options. I’ve learned in my practice as a psychiatrist that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to help every woman. I wrote Be Your Own Brand of Sexy: A New Sexual Revolution for Women because being your own Brand of Sexy means doing what’s right for you. Now, I’ve created the Own Your Options for Love 30-Day Makeover to help you find what’s right for you so that you can go after what you really want.

Your 30-Day Makeover will deliver daily insights and exercises to help you:

1. Get in touch with your deep-seated values, needs, desires, and goals

2. Develop your self-awareness

3. Build your reserve of self-love and self-worth

4. Find and strengthen your voice

5. Adopt a mindset that empowers and supports you

Are you ready for Day 1? Here are some tips for getting set up:

  1. Make sure the emails are going to your inbox. Click on the add us to your address book link at the bottom of your confirmation email to keep the emails from ending up in your spam folder.
  2. You may want to set up a folder on your email program or computer to store the daily emails for future reference. The emails are yours to look back at, just as you might reopen a book. If you can’t read an email and complete the exercises on the day it arrives, store it somewhere safe so that you can do it later.
  3. Get a journal. You’ll need a place to write and keep your exercises each day.
  4. Block out time each day to do your daily Makeover. It’s easier to follow-through with commitments when they’re on your schedule.

Made it to Day 24?

Great job! Click on the file to the right to download your Own Your Options worksheet.

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Important: Please note that none of the information in the Own Your Options for Love 30-Day Makeover is medical advice. This program is not intended to be a substitute for your medical care. Please consult with your physician or other medical care provider regarding any medical questions you may have. If you need counseling, you can find more information about how to choose a therapist here on the How to Find a Therapist page. If you have thoughts of harming yourself or others, please seek help immediately.

Also, please note that the emails are intended only for you and are licensed to you only for your personal use. They may not be forwarded, published, or sold.

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