Are you being your own Brand of Sexy?

Was it difficult for you to answer the quiz questions honestly? Were you embarrassed by some of the ways you currently handle those situations? Were you trying to figure out what the “right” answer was? Remember, the point of the quiz is to figure out what is right for you, not what’s right for somebody else. Every woman’s Brand of Sexy can look different. If you’re still not sure what your Brand of Sexy is, read the book for more analysis and discussion.



You are good at understanding your emotions, but sometimes you tend to overreact. Your emotions can make it hard for you to stand up for yourself in a calm, tactful way. Perhaps your anger has sometimes made you sound more demanding than you’d like. Whenever you feel emotional, start by taking a breath. Don’t react right away.

You might push a new man away by getting overly emotional. Many men aren’t into a lot of drama in their lives, and you might not realize when you could be coming on a little too strong. Many women expect men to be able to handle the total intensity of their emotions, but that may be asking a lot. That’s why I included the Single Women’s 12-Piece Dating Toolbox in my book, Be Your Own Brand of Sexy: A New Sexual Revolution for Women, so you can learn more effective strategies to get what you want from men — strategies other than letting him have it.

Do you want to be prepared with answers for those tough questions that men can ask? Get my ebook, What to Say to Men on a Date, another Be Your Own Brand of Sexy guide to handling questions from men in a way that you’re comfortable with and that fits your personality.

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