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Be Your Own Brand in Business and in Life

Developing a brand that is authentic to you is a challenge for many people. Unfortunately, people are often unaware that they may be more focused on pleasing others or avoiding conflict than in actively figuring out what they want and developing strategies to achieve it. This lack of awareness makes it extremely difficult to get what you want. These problems might be making it harder for you to get your needs met in your relationships, handle conflicts constructively, and to stay on track with your goals. In her practice, Dr. Susan has helped many women and men who have trouble clarifying their own brand and standing in their own truth. In this talk, Dr. Susan shares simple, effective strategies for creating and sustaining your own brand in business, and in life.

The Power of Communication in Business

You can be diplomatic and still get what you want. Many women and men have trouble saying “no.” Some are people-pleasers; some are afraid of missing opportunities. If you say “yes” it takes you down a very different path than when you say “no.” When we say “yes” to things we don’t want, we can end up over-committed or taking care of others instead of taking care of ourselves. Having trouble saying “no” is a big problem in business and in life, because if you spend your time and effort on things that don’t work towards a goal that you feel passionate about, it can keep you from getting what you really want.

It can be tricky for women to be assertive at their workplace. People can misinterpret a woman’s motives or see her in a negative light when she simply stands up for what she knows is important. It can be just as challenging for men to buck the status quo, especially if most of their colleagues lean toward it. Dr. Susan reveals strategies to help women and men navigate this treacherous territory.


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How Being Your Own Brand of Sexy Gets You What You Want in Relationships

So many women try to get what they want from men in relationships by changing their appearance, or pleasing the other person, or trying to be sexy and sexual. This approach simply doesn’t work as well as discovering what’s right for you and learning how to stand up for yourself.

Today’s dating culture is a minefield. With tricky dos and don’ts and endless conflicting strategies. Women are more confused than ever. Women in relationships can create undesirable dynamics when they have trouble standing up for what they want. Certain societal norms can even make it more difficult for you to have a talk with your partner. Dr. Susan will help you be more aware of these influences and show you ways to communicate more effectively.

In this illuminating and powerful talk, Dr. Susan will unlock the mystery of why women don’t get what they want from men give audiences the tools to enjoy the process of dating and experience fulfillment in relationship.


The Beliefs of a Rape Culture and What We Can Do about Them

Despite our abhorrence of rape, we may unknowingly contribute to a culture where it is promoted. Sexual violence can be condoned, excused, encouraged, and even normalized by our attitudes and norms that are driven by media. Dr. Susan addresses the influence of our culture on our beliefs and discusses how being your own Brand of Sexy and sisterhood can help free us from the spell of these destructive beliefs.


Secrets of Feminine Power

We often think of being feminine as being passive, and we see passive women as not getting what they want. When women see being strong and independent as their main goals, they often can be conflicted about their expectations for men, which can create some challenging dynamics in those relationships. Cultural norms pressure us to do what we think we “should” do, rather than what’s right for us as individuals, making it harder to get what we want. Many women today have embraced the masculine in themselves to the point that they don’t realize when they’re pushing men away, chasing them, or intimidating them. Not all old-fashioned feminine strategies are simply relics of a bygone era. So how can a modern woman be feminine and powerful? Dr. Susan shows women where power lies in femininity.


The Dating Dilemmas of a Women Executive

Dating as a woman executive has special challenges. What qualities help you at work but sabotage you with men, and what can you do about them? Being strong, decisive, and assertive can make you a great executive, so you may not realize how those instincts might make it hard for you to get a second date or create an undesirable dynamic in your relationship.

Dr. Susan will help you see what you might be doing to push men away, create competition, or to dampen the flames of romance. How can you meet men when you don’t want to or can’t date them at work? How can you be less intimidating to men? In this talk, Dr. Susan shares the insights, strategies and tools she has used to help hundreds of clients.


5 Secrets to Love

So many women blame their problems with relationships on their looks, their luck, or their location. Would you be surprised to know that those factors are usually not the culprit? Our role models are quite confusing since most TV and movie producers are men. We face enormous pressures to be sexy and sexual in almost all areas of our lives, even when in a committed relationship. Cultural messages about power, assertiveness, and femininity often lead us astray, pressuring us to do what we think we “should” do, rather than what’s right for us as individuals. That can make it harder to get what we want and can create problems in relationships.

Further, many women get caught up in a “microwave romance,” one that progresses at lightning speed, and it typically explodes in their face. Find out how to avoid getting burned by a microwave romance. Dr. Susan will share with you the three questions every woman should ask herself before she even thinks of having sex with a new man.

Learn the secrets that can help you get more love in your life, whether you are single, or in a committed relationship! Dr. Susan will show you how your beliefs about love could be sabotaging your relationships.


Why We Still Need Sisterhood

Women have made unprecedented gains, but we still have some big problems. Many women today can’t stand up for what they want.

The pressure on women to be sexy and sexual contributes to increasing rates of eating disorders and plastic surgery. With the ideal body becoming increasingly unattainable, almost 60% of women are unhappy with how they look. Movie and TV producers are often male, giving us sexualized role models that we often can’t relate to, leaving us wondering, “What’s wrong with me that I don’t look/act like that?”

Feeling pressured to be sexy and sexual according to others’ standards also can hurt women’s love lives. When women believe they have to give in to this pressure to get what they want from men, they are ignoring their feelings. It’s as if they have disabled their GPS when lost in a new city.

Many women think we no longer need sisterhood, but the competition between women may actually make these problems worse. We’re all in the same boat together but we don’t see it.

How can Dr. Susan solve your problems?

We have the opportunity to create a sisterhood in order to solve these issues of women’s empowerment. Dr. Susan discusses the urgency of these problems and offers solutions to help women on an individual and societal/global level.


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