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Are you being your own Brand of Sexy?

Was it difficult for you to answer the quiz questions honestly? Were you embarrassed by some of the ways you currently handle those situations? Were you trying to figure out what the “right” answer was? Remember, the point of the quiz is to figure out what is right for you, not what’s right for somebody else. Every woman’s Brand of Sexy can look different. If you’re still not sure what your Brand of Sexy is, read the book for more analysis and discussion. Results Daisy



Sometimes you have trouble expressing your feelings. Others think you’re angry, but you don’t recognize it. People might say your jokes about them aren’t so funny and hurt their feelings, but that seems strange to you. Rather than suppressing your feelings, use your emotions to help you make the decisions that are best for you.

You probably don’t want to sabotage yourself with a new man by hurting his feelings when you might be suppressing how you feel. It’s also hard to get what you want from a man if you aren’t sure how you feel. That’s why I included the chapter, Emotional Hygiene: Your Voice Matters, in my book, Be Your Own Brand of Sexy: A New Sexual Revolution for Women. Chapter 3: Know Where You’re Going, has at-home exercises to help you figure out what you want, so you can know what to do indifferent dating situations. And, there are more quiz questions with dating scenarios in Chapter 8: Script Your New Game.