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Hi! I’m Dr. Susan Edelman, psychiatrist and author of the multi award-winning book, Be Your Own Brand of Sexy: A New Sexual Revolution for Women.

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Over the last 30 years of private practice in psychiatry, I’ve realized a dangerous trend. Despite advances, women across generations still struggle with having a voice and standing up for themselves. We think it’s getting better, but it’s not.

That same struggle is why women don’t get what they want from men. It’s painful, and in many cases, it stops them from getting what they want out of life.

My patients deserve better — and this is not just a problem for my wonderful patients. It’s global, and we need a new revolution to create change.

That’s why I wrote my book, Be Your Own Brand of Sexy: A New Sexual Revolution for Women.  I want to support the women who will never walk through my office door yet need a helping hand.

Today’s dating culture is a minefield. With tricky dos and don’ts and endless conflicting stragegies, women are more confused than ever. Your daughter could be hurting herself and not even know it — but it’s not her fault, or yours. Dating doesn’t have to be filled with angst and disappointment anymore. It’s time to change the game.

Your daughter can date on her own terms, enjoy the process, and find happiness.

Join the revolution! You and your daughter can be your own Brands of Sexy.

I look forward to sending you lots of great content and helping your daughter get what she wants!

I support you in the most important job in the world – parenting.


Dr. Susan Edelman

P.S. I forgot to tell you that my book has won 13 awards including the 2015 Grand Prize of the Beverly Hills International Book Awards. It was called “the dating bible” and “a must have book for all women dating or looking to date” by If you think it’s too soon for her to read a book like this, it might not be too soon for you to start learning about what the dating world is like today so you can better help her prepare to navigate it.

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