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Should I Call Him After the Wedding?

If you’ve been to a wedding as a single women and you took my advice not to bring a date (check out the blog post “Should You Bring a Date if You’re Single?”), you might have met a guy there. Maybe the two of you even exchanged numbers. So what do you do now that you’re …


“Why Are You Still Single?” 10 Answers to the Dreaded Wedding Question

If you’re attending a wedding as a single woman, you might already be feeling down or frustrated about your own love life. If you are wondering when it will be your turn to say “I do,” you probably aren’t looking forward to being grilled about why you didn’t bring a date to the event or …


Wedding Series: Should You Bring A Date If You’re Single?

As wedding season gets into full swing, you might be mentally scanning the list of potential dates that you could bring. But even though most wedding invites come with a “plus one,” that doesn’t mean you have to bring a date. In fact, unless you are in an exclusive relationship, it’s probably better not to …


Single? How to Turn Around the Pre-Wedding Blues

Summer is here which means one thing—it’s wedding season. If you are a single woman, you might feel a pit in your stomach just seeing all the “save the dates” stuck to your refrigerator. It’s not that you aren’t happy for your soon-to-be-wedded friends and family, it’s just that you might be wondering, when will it …


The Single Girl’s Wedding Survival Week June 23rd – 30th

Are you invited to any weddings? Wedding season can be complicated when you’re single, especially if you want to be in a relationship and you’re not. Emotions can run high. You might feel embarrassed or sad about being single. Maybe you wonder about the pros and cons of bringing a date. Will you  have to answer questions …


New Ebook Coming Soon! What to Say to Men on a Date

Have you ever thought, “I wish I hadn’t said that”? Many women have, especially when dating. As intelligent and successful as we may be, we don’t always know what to say to men. When a man asks us personal questions, even ones as seemingly innocent as “What are you doing this weekend?”, the little people-pleaser …