Laughter is the best medicine for your love life.


How can you improve your odds of getting a second date? Or increase the health of your romantic relationships? Recent studies and surveys have found that couples who laugh together, stay together. The amount of time that couples spend laughing is positively correlated with the quality of their relationships. And is directly linked to how close, and supportive the couple is.

Laughing is a great way to diffuse an otherwise tense situation. Disagree about something? Joke about it. Joking can take the edge off and also make it easier to live with the disagreement. Remember, every couple, no matter how healthy the relationship, will have conflicts. Decreasing the number of disputes in a relationship isn’t nearly as important as learning how to live with disagreements. It’s a skill you must learn to cultivate for optimum relationship success and happiness.

How does this work for dating? If you’re playful on a date, it can ease the nervousness both parties are feeling. Laughing can help you forget your fears of getting hurt, your insecurities, and the barrage of questions you probably want to ask a guy to make sure he’s not a serial killer.

Obviously, hitting every dating partner with a series of interrogatories isn’t great for getting that second date. Of course, it’s a good thing to vet your dating partner, but don’t forget to relax, have fun, and enjoy yourself too. As long as your intuition isn’t giving off alarm bells, you can worry about everything else when you get home.

Being present on a date, being in the moment, will make you a more attractive partner. It doesn’t matter if you see that particular guy again or not. Regardless, you’re sharpening your dating skills by learning to laugh and have fun.

But Dr. Susan! It’s hard to be playful when I’m nervous!

Being nervous on a date is normal, and that’s okay. Again, dating is a skill you need to cultivate. No seasoned public speaker was born being able to walk up to the podium and wow a crowd. It takes practice. Getting good at dating is no different.

Do you laugh and joke around with your friends and family? Chances are, you do. If you do it with them, you can learn to do it with your dating partner, too.

If you find it difficult to laugh or have fun with people who are close to you, you might be suffering from a mood or anxiety disorder. Please talk to someone qualified if this sounds familiar to you.

But Dr. Susan, I don’t want to lead him on if I’m not interested!

You’re not leading someone on by being a pleasant person. Please don’t forget that you’re under no obligation to go out with him again just because you can laugh and enjoy his company. Maybe you can be friends. Perhaps if you had a good enough time, you’d be more interested in going out with him again. It’s all right to give the guy a chance. That’s what dating is all about.

If it’s hard to imagine being playful on your dates, or you’re too nervous even to imagine anything playful or lighthearted about dating, my eBook might be able to help you. What to Say to Men on a Date was written to help women get in the right mindset for dating and learn to laugh a little more. It’s full of ideas for handling tricky questions from men in a way that makes you comfortable and fits your personality. Store the book in your phone, and you’ll always have the perfect response when you are out and about.

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So, are you able to laugh on your dates? What’s holding you back? Please leave us a comment and let us know how things are going for you.



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