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How to Make Dating Fun for You – Part 2: You Always Have A Choice

Last week, I talked about how to make dating fun by remembering that you’re the prize. Now, let’s talk about keeping in mind that you always have a choice. Always having a choice means that you don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to do. Even if he plans the date or makes …


How to Make Dating Fun for You – Part 1: Realize You’re a Catch!

If you’re single, you probably know what it’s like to go on a bad date. We’ve all been there! Dating can be difficult. Most dates don’t turn out to be fireworks and love at first sight with a wonderful man. Otherwise you might no longer be single! Maybe your bad date wasn’t fun because the …


How the TV Show The Bachelor Is Hurting You

Nothing highlights the problems of today’s dating culture quite like reality TV shows like The Bachelor. In it, a large group of pretty women compete for a hunky man. He doesn’t have to do anything to charm them, or prove he’s interesting or even a nice guy. The women are the ones who do all …


How Fashion & Sex Trends Confuse Your Life

Have you ever been disappointed when the latest fashion trend just didn’t look all that good on you, but you made the purchase anyway? Maybe you bought low-rise jeans and had a muffin top, or the stiletto heels you bought made your feet hurt so badly you wanted to cry. OK, so maybe everything looks …


Dating Despair: How to Find Hope in Your Love Life

If you’re feeling down about being single, you might be having some negative thoughts about yourself. It might feel like your love life is never going to turn around, but don’t despair! I bet you’re making a lot more progress in your love life than you realize, which means you’re getting closer to what you …