The New Sexual Revolution for Women

new sexual revolution for women

What is the New Sexual Revolution?

The sexual revolution promised more choices. But sadly, women today are as confused as ever. We went from “if you have sex before marriage, you’re a tramp” to “if you’re a virgin, you’re a prude.”

Why?  Because we forgot the meaning of liberation: the freedom to choose for yourself.

We need a new sexual revolution that encourages each woman to decide what’s best for her, regardless of the cultural expectations.

Our culture pressures women to look sexy, telling us we’re not good enough the way we are. As a result, 90% of women are unhappy with how they look. That’s not empowerment. It’s more like people-pleasing.

We each need to be our own Brand of Sexy.

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What is being your own Brand of Sexy?

It means figuring out:

  • What you want
  • What works for you as an individual, and
  • What strategies will help you achieve your relationship
    goals, whatever they may be.

Five guidelines to being your own Brand of Sexy:

The second key to the new sexual revolution is Sisterhood. The most effective way for women to have power on a societal level is when we take control of our bodies, minds, hearts, and futures. Rather than judging, let’s help each other make more positive choices.

Join the revolution.  Be your own Brand of Sexy.  Get what you want.

You Can Be a Big Part of This Revolution!

It’s simply not true when women tell themselves, “that’s just the way it is.” We can change these unhealthy trends in our culture. You can help to change the world.

Whether you have a strong opinion or you’re not quite sure how you feel, you can make a big difference without a lot of effort!

Here are some suggestions.

Start a conversation:

  • Discuss with your friends and family whether cultural images create problems with self-confidence, dating, and relationships. For ideas about possible topics, visit this page. Listening to others’ opinions and maybe even expressing your own will increase awareness and start the process of change because becoming more aware of these outside influences helps to free us from their spell.
  • You can start to make conscious choices about what products you buy, what websites you visit, and what books, movies and TV you consume. You can ask yourself, “Is this something I’m really comfortable with?” We have power over the media with our pocketbooks. If you don’t like what they’re selling, don’t buy.
  • Keep the conversations about sexual harassment alive. The more this topic stays in the public eye, the more people will see women as more than sex objects. Companies, men, and women will have to change.
  • Coming soon: more ideas

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