Dating During a Pandemic: How to Do It Safely

A serious pandemic is going on right now, and everyone must first focus on one thing: staying safe. Social Distancing or sheltering in place are the two official recommendations that can help flatten the curve and keep this disease from impacting more people. But, if you also want to meet your ideal man, you should …


Life in Isolation: How to Work on Your Love Life When You Can’t Leave Home

The entire world has been touched by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in one way or another, but there’s no denying some people have been more hurt than others. And you may be in this category. Maybe you lost a loved one or someone you know to this outbreak. Or, maybe you know someone …


How to Date in the Era of Coronavirus

Everyone in the world has the Coronavirus on their mind, and for good reason. It’s challenging to live in a world that’s facing a pandemic. You may have important questions about how to stay safe while also clinging to a sense of normal life:      •  Should you travel?      •   Should you …


Is Your Dating Checklist Sabotaging Your Love Life?

In a recent article, we described the process of finding a man as house hunting. Both are very big decisions, and since you would never spend a lot of money on a house you haven’t analyzed at all, you shouldn’t do the same in your love life either. Deciding to enter a relationship with a …


Don’t Rush! Why It’s Important to Be Selective about Men

If you’ve been single for a while and are really struggling to find the right man, you’ve likely said this to yourself a couple of times: “Maybe I’m just being too picky.” Or perhaps some friends have said that to you when you went out together and confessed that the guy you were seeing isn’t …


Why Finding the Right Man Is Like House Hunting

What’s your strategy when you’re looking for a relationship? Yes, that’s right – strategy. Because finding love will be incredibly difficult if you just go with the “I’m attracted to this guy, therefore let’s start dating” principle. You need to have a very specific approach to the process of finding a man. If you just …


Be My Valentine? How to Tell If He’s into You

The most romantic day of the year is upon us: Valentine’s Day. It’s a moment many women dream about, a day where the man goes out of his way to show you how much they love and appreciate you. Honestly, they should have this concern every day of the year, but let’s not get too …


Is the Fear of Failure Keeping You from Finding Love?

“Most people who fail in their dreams fail not from lack of ability but from lack of commitment.” Author and speaker Zig Ziglar said this, underlining the importance of not just picturing your goals and dreams, but having the drive and putting in the work to achieve them. But there’s another component in the process …


No, Just Wishing for Love Is Not Enough

Writer and historian Washington Irving famously once said that “Great minds have purposes; others have wishes.” And in all honesty, you should leave your wishes for your Amazon shopping lists. The rest? Meaning love, marriage, a great career, strong family ties, all these shouldn’t be just wishes. They should be your goals. Because there’s a …


This Is How You Can Get Closer to Your Relationship Goals

It’s official: 5% of 2020 is already gone. And since the new year is a time where most people set new goals in their lives, it’s worth taking a look at your relationship goal. Do you feel like you’ve accomplished at least 5% yet? Though January is that time of year to set goals, it …

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