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Stressed about Being Single? 5 Reasons Not to Worry

Some of the most powerhouse women in the world worry about being single, regardless of how capable and successful they may be. Sprinkle in the odd comment from a stranger, like “do you have a boyfriend?” or “why aren’t you married?” and these wildly intelligent and competent women will throw themselves into a critical frenzy. …


How to Find Love after 50: 7 Proven Secrets

If you’re over 50, you’re not a newbie in the relationship department. Perhaps you’ve been married in the past, or simply had a string of unsuccessful relationships; in any case, if you find yourself single now, you likely feel like you’re starting from scratch. The good news is, your life experience will aid you in …


The Golden Rule You Need to Know to Simplify Your Love Life

It’s human nature to want to be challenged, but it doesn’t always work out when that challenge comes from your love life. A little bit of mystery and uncertainty can spark the fires of love and attraction, and too much can translate to unrequited love. But how can you stay on the right side of …


Old Fashioned Romance Is Back in Style and That’s Actually a Good Thing

Our current adventures with social distancing have truly changed the life of a single person looking for a relationship. In a way, it completely turned it upside down. If you’re the kind of person used to looking for hookups or basing all your connections on physical chemistry, which rely on you meeting the guy face …


The 5 Skills You Will Need to Find the Man of Your Dreams

As a relationship and dating expert, one of the most common questions a lot of women ask me is: “How do I meet the man of my dreams?” The answer to this burning question can be different for each woman who asks it, which I know is something rather disappointing to learn. Finding the right …


How to Find a Quality Man for a Healthy, Long-Term Relationship

Are you ready for love? Then you should be looking for a quality man. Anything less than that is a direct line to Heartache City. But it’s important to understand what a “quality man” really is. A lot of women will dismiss a man for some of the most minor, insignificant reasons that really don’t …


Do You Have a Battle Buddy to Help You During the Pandemic?

The pandemic right now is causing everyone some degree of stress. Many people are facing extraordinary amounts of stress at the moment, though you may not be in that camp. But do you know which camp you’re in? Make sure you aren’t minimizing or dismissing any worries or anxieties you are feeling, even if you …


Should You Just Give up Love for Now?

When everyone around you seems to be putting their lives on hold as a result of this global health crisis, it can seem strange to even consider focusing on your love life right now. Plus, you can’t even meet up with your potential partner face-to-face, since it’s safer for you to isolate at home. So, …


How the Pandemic Can Help You Make Better Love Life Choices

2020 is probably nothing like you were imagining a few months back while making your resolutions and getting all excited about the opportunities to come. The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way people live all over the world. It is affecting our lives, from basic needs like socializing and leaving the house when we feel …


Yes, Now Is a Great Time to Focus on Your Wellbeing

One of the holiest times of the year is underway, as millions of Christians, Jews, and Muslims are preparing to celebrate Easter, Passover, and Ramadan this month. But because of the COVID-19 pandemic, there will no doubt be a rather unusual time for worship, since people cannot leave their homes to celebrate together. But guess …

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