Are Dating Apps Ruining Dating? Or Is It Our Toxic Culture?

After years of marriage, Karen found herself facing a daunting reality after her divorce: re-entering the dating world as a middle-aged woman. Navigating the realm of modern dating apps felt like stepping into a foreign land with unfamiliar customs and languages. Gone were the days of meeting potential partners through friends or spontaneous encounters; now, …


Is It Possible to Find Love after 40? 7 Important Secrets

After Betsy’s divorce, she was eager for a fresh start with a solid, healthy relationship, so she figured she should start dating again. Unfortunately, dating was harder than she thought. Her relationships fizzled out or crashed and burned. Most of the men she met didn’t seem to want a serious relationship. She began to wonder …


How to Enjoy Being Single When You Want a Relationship

Bridget Jones’ character captured our hearts in both the book and movie, Bridget Jones’ Diary, resonating deeply because she grapples with our universal challenge of not meeting societal expectations. From navigating a relationship with a commitment-phobic womanizer to enduring the pressure from “smug marrieds” urging her to find a partner, Bridget’s journey mirrors the struggles …


The Secrets of How to Teach a Man to Treat You Right

Kathy has been dating Jonathan for a month. He’s smart and interesting, but he usually shows up 15 to 20 minutes late, blaming it on traffic. Kathy is annoyed, but the rest of the date is great, so why rock the boat? Donna has been dating Javier for a month, and he also tends to …


Is Your Emotional GPS Guiding You Toward Love that Lasts?

Kelly is excited that Daniel keeps asking her out. She’s attracted to him, and he’s fun and interesting. But she realizes they’re still getting to know each other so she doesn’t want to get ahead of herself like she did in the past. When she thinks of how she rushed into prior relationships, her budding …


Should a Woman Offer to Pay on a Date? What to Consider

Anita just started dating again after the breakup of a long relationship. Considering herself a modern woman, she thinks she should split the check with her dates, so she always offers to pay. When Tom comes along, she is surprised by her reaction to this habit. When she offers to pay, he agrees and she’s …


Why Do I Keep Attracting the Wrong Men? Break the Cycle

After her messy divorce, Melanie has been single for several years. All her divorced friends are now coupled up again, and she can’t figure out why she hasn’t met that special someone too. Obviously, the wrong men are attracted to her and that’s why the relationships never work out. She really wants a solid relationship, …


How to Get the Relationship You Want: The 4 Best Secrets

Do you ever wonder how some women get the relationship they want? What are they doing to make such a difference when others stay single or deal with frequent breakups? It’s simple: they make good dating decisions. A lot of women tend to blame their looks or confidence for their single status, but that’s the …


Breaking Free: How to Love Again after a Narcissist

Cindy met Jake and was instantly attracted to his charm and good looks. On their first date, Jake was attentive and confident. He ordered Cindy’s dinner and her wine. She was impressed by the famous, interesting people he knew. Although Jake didn’t ask Cindy much about herself, she figured he was just nervous. Underneath his …


How to Set Standards in Dating and Build Self-Confidence

Sandra has a great career and wonderful friends, but she feels discouraged with her dating life. When she finally meets a man she really likes, he starts to take her for granted and the relationship fizzles out. This pattern is starting to eat away at her confidence. Other women don’t seem to have the same …

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