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How to Be OK with Aging: 5 Things That Get Better with Age

Aging is a topic that many of us don’t want to confront, because many people today dread the aging process. They don’t realize the advantages involved. Our culture is obsessed with youth and beauty. Instead of being happy to just look their best, women get injections at the first sign of wrinkles and they do …


How to Make Your Online Dating Profile Attract Men

The stigma of online dating is gone. 30% of US adults have used dating sites or apps.  Online dating is now the most popular way couples meet. Research from Stanford University found that in 2017, 39% of couples met online, up from 22% in 2009. Stanford sociologist Michael Rosenberg says that online dating has displaced …


Does Being 45 and Single Kill Your Chance at Marriage?

Last week, we discussed the many ways singles are discriminated against. From “smug marrieds” thinking you could never be happy as a single lady, to having society judge you harshly for being uncoupled, single status can be a heavy burden to bear. In the last article, I neglected to mention the word frequently used in …


What are your chances of getting married when you’re over 40?

We live in a culture that is obsessed with youth and beauty. So, it’s no wonder that so many people feel pressured to look young and attractive for as long as possible. Feminist author Caitlin Moran asks, “Would women fret themselves half to death over how they look or who fancies them if this wasn’t …


What Are Your Chances of Getting Married for the Second Time?

Women comment on my Facebook feed that dating won’t pay off for them. Why not? They believe that they aren’t having any dating success because men simply don’t like middle-aged women. And they are middle-aged women. But, is that really true?  Is there a dating age range for finding true love? Does your age have …


How to Find Love after 50: 7 Proven Secrets

If you’re over 50, you’re not a newbie in the relationship department. Perhaps you’ve been married in the past, or simply had a string of unsuccessful relationships; in any case, if you find yourself single now, you may feel like you’re starting from scratch. The good news is, your life experience will aid you in …


Advice for Dating Younger Men – 7 Key Factors You Need to Consider Before

Ideally, age would make no difference in whether or not you find someone attractive enough for a relationship. But, the reality is that if you are considering dating a younger man, age really matters. If you are a woman over 40, you may have considered it. Do older women like younger men? According to a …


Dating Over 40: 5 Flirting Tips That Will Improve Your Love Life

Dating is a lot different when you’re younger. But if now you’re single and over 40, you may be wondering how to approach this entire process, and what you can expect when you put yourself out there. When you’re over 40, you’re all grown and mature – and guess what? So are the men you …


Want Love After 40? These 7 Toxic Beliefs Can Hurt Your Chances

If you had a stream of bad dates, you may think that “All the good ones are taken,” but it simply isn’t true. Women over 40 find love again all the time. Unfortunately, many women over 40 feel like their chances of finding love shrink as they age. Our youth and beauty-obsessed culture demands that …


The Skills Women Over 40 Need to Learn to Improve Their Dating Success

Unfortunately, when a woman over 40 feels a little insecure about her chance of dating success because of her age, she often focuses on improving her appearance. Of course, there is nothing wrong with trying to look better and getting healthier. However, focusing only on these aspects may not move the needle in terms of …

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