How to Be Careful When Falling in Love: 6 Tips to Find Balance

Karen had been single for nearly a decade after her divorce. She had focused on raising her two children and building her company, but now that her kids were grown and her business was thriving, she felt ready to open her heart to love again. When Karen met Steve at a charity event, she was …


How to Feel Good about Your Body: A Journey Within

Jessica had always struggled with her weight, and her father’s hurtful comments about her body stung. He would call her “chubby” and make jokes that made her feel bad about herself. She began to criticize herself like he did, and she started to believe that she wasn’t good enough because of her size. As a …


Why Is Being Grateful So Important to Your Love Life?

As a woman dating over a certain age, you may have experienced your fair share of ups and downs in your love life. Whether you have just had your heart broken or are simply sad at the prospect of another Saturday night alone, it can be difficult to feel grateful about your situation. There are …


Is It Manipulation to Get What You Want from a Man?

Is trying to get what you want from a man the same as manipulation? When I suggest that a woman might benefit from some strategies to help her approach dating and relationships, many women feel uncomfortable and conflicted. They say, “I don’t want to play games” or “I don’t want to seem manipulative.” The ‘strategy’ …


Why Old-Fashioned Dating Advice Never Goes Out Of Style

After her 20-year marriage ended, Emily found herself terrified at the prospect of dating again. The world had changed so much since she was last single. But her friends kept insisting she try online dating. Hesitantly, Emily created a profile and was instantly bombarded with matches and messages. She went on a flurry of first …


Am I Ready for a Relationship or Just Lonely? How to Tell

Jessica felt lonely after her divorce. Hesitant to get hurt again, she tried casual online dating just for companionship. She met Alex, who was friendly and fun to be around, but didn’t open up on deeper emotional levels. After a few weeks of casual dates, they slid into a relationship. Jessica liked having someone to …


Are Dating Apps Ruining Dating? Or Is It Our Toxic Culture?

After years of marriage, Karen found herself facing a daunting reality after her divorce: re-entering the dating world as a middle-aged woman. Navigating the realm of modern dating apps felt like stepping into a foreign land with unfamiliar customs and languages. Gone were the days of meeting potential partners through friends or spontaneous encounters; now, …


Is It Possible to Find Love after 40? 7 Important Secrets

After Betsy’s divorce, she was eager for a fresh start with a solid, healthy relationship, so she figured she should start dating again. Unfortunately, dating was harder than she thought. Her relationships fizzled out or crashed and burned. Most of the men she met didn’t seem to want a serious relationship. She began to wonder …


Is Your Emotional GPS Guiding You Toward Love that Lasts?

Kelly is excited that Daniel keeps asking her out. She’s attracted to him, and he’s fun and interesting. But she realizes they’re still getting to know each other so she doesn’t want to get ahead of herself like she did in the past. When she thinks of how she rushed into prior relationships, her budding …


Should a Woman Offer to Pay on a Date? What to Consider

Anita just started dating again after the breakup of a long relationship. Considering herself a modern woman, she thinks she should split the check with her dates, so she always offers to pay. When Tom comes along, she is surprised by her reaction to this habit. When she offers to pay, he agrees and she’s …

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