The Superpower of Being Your True Self When Dating

Jessica, a successful businesswoman, was excited about a second date with Michael, still riding high after their fantastic first meeting. He was just as intellectually engaging as she’d hoped. Over wine at a cozy bistro, they began discussing a novel they had both recently read. Jessica enthusiastically shared her thoughts, enjoying Michael’s passion for analyzing …


How to Feel Good about Your Body: A Journey Within

Jessica had always struggled with her weight, and her father’s hurtful comments about her body stung. He would call her “chubby” and make jokes that made her feel bad about herself. She began to criticize herself like he did, and she started to believe that she wasn’t good enough because of her size. As a …


Why Inner Beauty Is More Important and How to Find Yours

Sarah was drawn to Alex from the moment they locked eyes across the busy café. Charming Alex had a strong jawline, bright blue eyes, and a smile that could brighten any room. Their first talk was a whirlwind of laughter, common interests, and stolen glances. Sarah couldn’t believe how lucky she was when Alex asked …


Why Is Being Grateful So Important to Your Love Life?

As a woman dating over a certain age, you may have experienced your fair share of ups and downs in your love life. Whether you have just had your heart broken or are simply sad at the prospect of another Saturday night alone, it can be difficult to feel grateful about your situation. There are …


Are Dating Apps Ruining Dating? Or Is It Our Toxic Culture?

After years of marriage, Karen found herself facing a daunting reality after her divorce: re-entering the dating world as a middle-aged woman. Navigating the realm of modern dating apps felt like stepping into a foreign land with unfamiliar customs and languages. Gone were the days of meeting potential partners through friends or spontaneous encounters; now, …


Is It Possible to Find Love after 40? 7 Important Secrets

After Betsy’s divorce, she was eager for a fresh start with a solid, healthy relationship, so she figured she should start dating again. Unfortunately, dating was harder than she thought. Her relationships fizzled out or crashed and burned. Most of the men she met didn’t seem to want a serious relationship. She began to wonder …


7 Ways to Be More Confident Dating (Even If You’re Not)

When Stephanie started dating again, she was unsure of herself. She hadn’t dated in a long time and wasn’t sure what she had to offer these men who had many women to choose from. She was afraid to rock the boat with the men she met, so couldn’t playfully tease them when they said something …


How to Overcome Insecurities about Your Looks with Dating

After her divorce, Melinda discovered she was nervous when she started dating again. She worried about her wrinkles and was very aware of her figure flaws, especially considering all the younger women she knew she was competing against. Being nervous was very unpleasant, and it surprised her. Sure, she had aged and put on a …


What’s the Link between Your Self-Esteem and the Media?

There are many ways that the media can cause you to doubt yourself and lead to lower self-esteem. If you’re a woman looking for love, media influences can lead to second-guessing in two major areas that are critical for your success: your appearance and your decisions about intimacy. How the Media Influences Your Feelings about …


How to Stop Judging People by Their Appearance when Dating

Although the phrase, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” has been popular since 1860, people in our culture do it daily. Our culture bombards us with messages about the importance of looks and beauty. Bucking the tidal wave of attention to beautiful people takes true bravery. When it comes to dating, it’s easy to …

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