Is He Seeing Someone Else? 5 Warning Signs He’s Dating Other Women

You’ve just started dating a new man and you are curious if there’s a way to tell if he’s still dating other women. It’s normal and perfectly acceptable for the two of you to be seeing other people until you have a talk that defines your relationship as exclusive. In fact, you probably want to …


Take Your Time: 3 Reasons You Should Be Careful About Falling In Love

People often think that falling in love is a matter of the heart and rarely realize what a major decision it truly is. They rush into love without taking the time to get to know the man. More often than not, this approach does not work out. But it’s not completely your fault. It’s a …


How to Avoid Being Manipulated: 5 Tips That Will Change Your Love Life

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, many are looking for the best present to give their partners. But, do you know what actually helps relationships thrive and work? Feeling empowered. What do I mean by that? We are surrounded by manipulators, people who are trying to influence our behavior or perceptions. They may try …


Dating a Divorced Man? Beware of These 7 Red Flags

When you start to date and come across a divorced man, some alarm bells might go off. Women often worry about dating a man who’s divorced. After all, why did he separate from his wife? Will history repeat itself with you as well? How can you tell which divorced men are actually keepers, and which …


5 Real Love Lessons You Can Learn from Kim Kardashian’s Marriages

Answer me this: are you starting over, or looking for a partner? Because if you are, Kim K’s love life holds many useful lessons many women should pay attention to! Choosing a partner makes a huge difference in your life. It has a say in your financial security, emotional wellbeing, and even the level of …


7 Critical Tips for How to Handle a “Ghoster” Coming Back into Your Life

Tell me if this sounds familiar: Everything was going well with him for a few weeks or months. And then he disappeared into thin air. You were disappointed, hurt, and angry. Maybe you were even heartbroken. But you got over it. Now, weeks or months later, he’s back and you’re confused about what to do. …


Beware of These 7 Mind Games Emotionally Insecure Men Play When Dating

It might not be natural for you to think or feel like a man is playing games with you. In fact, you might blame yourself or try to understand or want to help him. He may not be intentionally trying to hurt or manipulate you, but there is still a chance that you could be …


How to Look for Love in Uncertain Times: the Delta Variant

Looking for Love: How to Handle the Latest Confusing Risks Just when you thought there could be light at the end of the tunnel, the Covid-19 pandemic has taken yet another turn that makes matters a lot more complicated. Your dating life included. The new delta variant has hit the country hard, what with it …


Sex Offenders Are Using Dating Apps: Here’s How to Stay Safe

With the increasing popularity of online dating, it’s worth discussing a rather gruesome topic: the presence of sex offenders on these sites and apps. Some of these platforms have stated they plan to make it possible for people to run a background check on their online dates if you have their last names and phone …


He Made a Huge Mistake. What Should I Do?

Your partner screwed up. He really blew it. You are fuming with anger and disappointment. Before you act, take a few seconds to think about your next steps carefully. We are fed this idea of a perfect man that always gets, always knows what to say, and never messes up. But real men, even the …

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