Setting Boundaries in Relationships and Dating: Saying “No”

Diane had climbed to the top of her field, but her personal life had taken a backseat to her career. That changed the day she met Eric at a charity gala. Charming and worldly, he swept her off her feet with tales of his travels and ambitions. For the first time in years, Diane felt …


What Are Your Chances of Remarriage after Divorce?

Despite her successful career as a marketing executive, Jennifer’s attempts at finding a new partner since her divorce hadn’t gone anywhere. Rather than examining her own behavior, Jennifer consistently blamed external factors for her dating failures. After a string of first dates that went nowhere, Jennifer developed a theory, “Men don’t want women with teenagers.” …


What Makes a Woman Look Desperate When She’s Dating

Olivia, sat at her desk, staring at the clock. As a successful professional in a demanding field, she’d built an impressive career over the years. Yet here she was, jittery about a dinner date. Her social circle had shrunk over the years. Work consumed her time, and dating colleagues was off-limits. Most men her age …


The Superpower of Being Your True Self When Dating

Jessica, a successful businesswoman, was excited about a second date with Michael, still riding high after their fantastic first meeting. He was just as intellectually engaging as she’d hoped. Over wine at a cozy bistro, they began discussing a novel they had both recently read. Jessica enthusiastically shared her thoughts, enjoying Michael’s passion for analyzing …


The Thrills and Challenges of Dating a Younger Man

Samantha’s drive had made her a successful career woman, but her love life had suffered. Her long marriage ended in divorce. After taking a few years to heal, Samantha decided to dip her toes back into dating. She matched on a dating app with Jacob, an up-and-coming entrepreneur whose startup had just been funded. Despite …


Do Men Get Intimidated by Women? Dating Tips for Achievers

Successful women face a unique challenge when it comes to dating: how do you present your achievements without inadvertently intimidating potential partners? Let’s look at Natalie, a high-achieving marketing executive, and how she navigated this tricky dating situation. Natalie had always taken pride in her professional accomplishments. As a rising star in her marketing firm, …


How to Be Careful When Falling in Love: 6 Tips to Find Balance

Karen had been single for nearly a decade after her divorce. She had focused on raising her two children and building her company, but now that her kids were grown and her business was thriving, she felt ready to open her heart to love again. When Karen met Steve at a charity event, she was …


How can gratitude improve your love life?

During the Thanksgiving holiday season, people tend to be much more grateful and appreciative of what they have. Can you imagine what would happen if you had that grateful, Thanksgiving mindset every day? I’m not talking about eating a lot of food, either. What I’m saying is that cultivating an attitude of gratefulness is wonderful …


Why Inner Beauty Is More Important and How to Find Yours

Sarah was drawn to Alex from the moment they locked eyes across the busy café. Charming Alex had a strong jawline, bright blue eyes, and a smile that could brighten any room. Their first talk was a whirlwind of laughter, common interests, and stolen glances. Sarah couldn’t believe how lucky she was when Alex asked …


Why Is Being Grateful So Important to Your Love Life?

As a woman dating over a certain age, you may have experienced your fair share of ups and downs in your love life. Whether you have just had your heart broken or are simply sad at the prospect of another Saturday night alone, it can be difficult to feel grateful about your situation. There are …

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