Dating Doesn’t Have to Be So Difficult! 5 Ways to a Make It Work for You

We’ve said it before, modern dating has become increasingly confusing for a lot of people. The dating rules were thrown out, forcing you to decide which rules, if any, you want to follow. With everyone giving you different advice, it often is not clear what the right thing is to do in any given situation. …


Is Modern Dating Working for You? The Biggest Problems with Dating Today

Let’s be honest: Modern dating isn’t working for a lot of women as all the new cultural norms have made things very confusing. It can be especially hard if you are a “people-pleaser” and find it hard to say “no” to some habits that seem to have become second nature in our society. I’m talking …


The Skills Women Over 40 Need to Learn to Improve Their Dating Success

Unfortunately, when a woman over 40 feels a little insecure about her chance of dating success because of her age, she often focuses on improving her appearance. Of course, there is nothing wrong with trying to look better and getting healthier. However, focusing only on these aspects may not move the needle in terms of …


Is Conflict Good? How Empowering Yourself Can Improve Your Love Life

Let’s talk about power and your love life. Do you need more power in it? Perhaps you find this question a bit strange and don’t know how power can help you, but if you are feeling powerless when it comes to dating, it can actually help a lot! Power is often an emotionally charged word, …


Is Romance Really Outdated? Why It’s Important to Celebrate Love

Something I read on Valentine’s Day struck a nerve with me. A man, who was happily married, shared his thoughts on this holiday and pretty much said it was a waste of time and effort. His bottom line is that one lovey-dovey day in a year won’t save a relationship. He argued that only through …


Is He Seeing Someone Else? 7 Subtle Warning Signs to Pay Attention to

So, you’ve met this guy and went on a few dates with him. Things were going well, but now you have this nagging feeling that something is off. “Is he seeing someone else?” you keep wondering to yourself. Maybe you’ve been cheated on before and now you are extra cautious. Or maybe you want to …


3 Tips to Set Boundaries when Dating to Create Healthy Relationships

We live in a culture that encourages us to share most aspects of our lives. Just hop on Instagram for a few minutes, and you will probably find out where the people in your list are, what they had for lunch, what products they are using, and so on. When most people are expecting us …


Why You Should You Play Hard to Get When Dating: 5 Ways to Do It Right

“Playing hard to get” is a very old dating strategy women have relied on for centuries, but in the modern world of dating, many believe it to be a bit passe. Women now distance themselves from this approach because they don’t want to play games with the men they are dating, as it seems a …


Why People Cheat and How to Avoid It in Your Relationship

Infidelity in a close relationship can be devastating because it’s an extreme betrayal. Your partner doesn’t make your feelings a priority. His secret behavior appears to be more important than you. Everything you thought about your love story falls apart. Blaming Yourself Is Self-Destructive and Unfair If your partner has cheated on you, you’re possibly …


Why NOW Is the Best Time for You to Find Love

Many of you may be reluctant to pursue dating during pandemic times, and for very good reasons. But, here’s the thing: you are missing out on finding love. Although it seems like an inconvenient time to date, video chats have changed the process and made love possible for many couples. In fact, business is so …

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