The Secret to Better Dating and Relationships: Being Your Best Self


Being your own Brand of Sexy is the term I use for being your best self in dating and relationships.

What do I mean by that?

It’s about being the real you, genuine, authentic. It’s all about listening to your intuition and accepting who you are. When you own yourself, you become self-assured. Our culture may tell you that you’re not attractive, confident, or successful enough, but being your own Brand of Sexy is a place of acceptance no matter what our toxic cultural trends say.

In fact, I have science to back me up. One study that looked at how people’s ability to stay true to themselves affected their relationships found that those who were real and genuine had more positive dating relationships. The scientists concluded that when we are true to ourselves, it becomes easier to build intimacy and make our relationships more fulfilling.

I will be the first to admit it:

It takes a lot of courage to be who you are. It requires being honest with yourself about your feelings and your core values, and that can be difficult at times. Being your best self calls on you to have a strong will and character because you have to decide what YOU want, and not what others expect of you.

Being your authentic self can take a lot of effort, but it’s all worth it because it will give you 7 critical benefits for dating and relationships.

1-  Closer Relationships

It’s exhausting and unsustainable to constantly change who you are to meet someone else’s expectations. And, let me ask you this: how will your relationship evolve if you are not comfortable or secure enough to be your true self and are always wearing a mask?

When you’re focused on being your best self, you also gain clarity and become more aware of what works for you in a relationship. You won’t waste any more time trying to mold yourself into something that you know at a subconscious level won’t bring you true happiness.

Once you feel more comfortable being the real you, it’s more likely you will feel accepted for yourself the way you are.

2-  Clarity

All areas of your life become clearer to you because you know very well who you are and what abilities you have. You can accept what you can give to a partner and what you need from them. When you trust your inner guidance, the decisions you make with dating and relationships become more obvious.

3-  A Simpler Life

Once you know exactly who you are and what suits you, you won’t be as distracted by all the opportunities that won’t lead to what you want. No more charades and no more energy wasted trying to fit other people’s agendas. You will become laser-focused on achieving what’s truly important to you.

4-  Personal Growth

Being true to yourself doesn’t mean that you have to accept all your limitations and not try to make any positive changes in your life.

On the contrary!

It’s more about growing and bettering yourself more than anything.

When you follow others and always do what they think is best, it can create inner conflict because you aren’t doing what feels right to you. The more self-aware and honest you are with your true feelings and needs, the more you get in touch with what is truly best for you. When you can find the courage to set boundaries by saying “yes” to what you want and “no” to what you don’t want, in constructive ways, the more you free yourself from pleasing others and can begin to appreciate yourself.

5-  No More Toxic Relationships

You’ll lose interest in worrying endlessly about whether a man is a good match for you. Narcissistic, commitment-phobic, immature men will no longer hold any appeal for you because they simply won’t be what you’re looking for. They won’t stick around because you just aren’t that into them anymore.

It may seem scary at first. What if you miss the opportunity of finding Mr. Right? In reality, what this means is that you will not engage in toxic relationships anymore, but click with authentic men and share healthier, more rewarding connections.

6-  It Will Bring Meaning to Your Life

 When you embrace and express what’s important to you, your life has true meaning. Otherwise, something will be missing. Being your best self means being the heroine of your life.

7-  A Happier Life

Being your best self means being true to yourself and that can give you the feeling that you are complete. It’s not just dating and relationships that will improve. When you’re free of the stress and constant conflicts that arise with trying to please everyone else, there will be less tension and it will feel like a huge burden has been lifted off your shoulders.

Are You Ready to Become Your Brand of Sexy?

Don’t stress if you still have some areas where you need a little help to make these changes. We’re all a work in progress.

With dating and relationships, are you being true to yourself? When you think of being your best self, where could you use a little help?

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