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Dating Over 40: 5 Flirting Tips That Will Improve Your Love Life

Dating is a lot different when you’re younger. But if now you’re single and over 40, you may be wondering how to approach this entire process, and what you can expect when you put yourself out there. When you’re over 40, you’re all grown and mature – and guess what? So are the men you …


Want Love After 40? These 7 Toxic Beliefs Can Hurt Your Chances

If you had a stream of bad dates, you may think that “All the good ones are taken,” but it simply isn’t true. Women over 40 find love again all the time. Unfortunately, many women over 40 feel like their chances of finding love shrink as they age. Our youth and beauty-obsessed culture demands that …


The Skills Women Over 40 Need to Learn to Improve Their Dating Success

Unfortunately, when a woman over 40 feels a little insecure about her chance of dating success because of her age, she often focuses on improving her appearance. Of course, there is nothing wrong with trying to look better and getting healthier. However, focusing only on these aspects may not move the needle in terms of …


The Top 7 Dating Mistakes Women Over 40 Make That Keep Them Single

Many women find themselves single again after a long marriage. And, a lot of them start looking for a new husband or partner with a better fit and a much better outcome. All of those painful experiences can put you in a much better position to find true love. But, if you’ve been in a …

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