How to Enjoy Being Single When You Want a Relationship


Bridget Jones’ character captured our hearts in both the book and movie, Bridget Jones’ Diary, resonating deeply because she grapples with our universal challenge of not meeting societal expectations. From navigating a relationship with a commitment-phobic womanizer to enduring the pressure from “smug marrieds” urging her to find a partner, Bridget’s journey mirrors the struggles many women face. Her battle with weight, cigarettes, and alcohol adds layers to her relatable narrative. Helen Fielding’s wildly popular work not only validated our shared struggles but also added humor to our heartbreak, reinforcing the idea that we weren’t alone. Bridget emerges as the quintessential modern woman, navigating societal expectations and often falling short.

When you want a partner, it can be hard to enjoy your single status. Did you just get out of a long relationship and feel lonely? Are all your friends married now, leaving you wondering when you’ll meet someone too?  Is your family pressuring you to settle down? You may feel too old to meet a good man or maybe being alone has always been hard for you.

What can make your situation feel worse is hearing those dreaded questions:

Why are you still single?” or

Do you have a boyfriend?”

You might react to them by doubting yourself and feeling unhappy about being single.

Whatever your situation, figuring out how to be happy when you’re single is one of the best things you can do for yourself. That’s because when you feel generally happy despite your relationship status, your weight, your health, or other factors, life gets easier for you. It’s much less stressful when you can accept your life the way it is now, warts and all.

Being comfortable with being single can make life easier in many ways. You don’t need to rush into the wrong relationship, and you can easily wait for the right person to come along. Being happier can make you more attractive to a larger number of men.

So how can you be happy being single? Here’s how to be single and happy:

1-  Appreciate the Benefits of Being Single.

Being in a relationship can be wonderful, but it does require a lot of compromises. Now you can do whatever you want to do. Enjoy that freedom!

Being single gives you the opportunity for “me time” that you often don’t have when you’re in a relationship. You can develop new hobbies, work on your career, travel, make new friends, and more.

Ask yourself, what have you always wanted to do? Maybe this is the time for you to do it. All these things can lead to you becoming happier and more fulfilled.

This time also gives you the chance to explore who you are and what you want from your life. You can figure out what the right relationship for you would look like.

2-  Practice Gratitude.

Gratitude has the power to enhance happiness in our lives. Consider the following scenario: Which perspective would contribute more to your happiness? Viewing singleness as an opportunity to meet new people and discover the ideal partner or thinking of it as an ongoing challenge leading to feelings of depression and hopelessness.

3-  Develop Friendships with Single People.

When you’re single, it helps to have some single friends. They share a similar lifestyle and understand the trials and tribulations of being single. You can laugh about your bad dates and the silly questions that people ask you. They may even help you to meet new single friends, including men.

4-  Practice Loving Yourself and Enjoying Your Company.

Diane von Furstenberg said, “The most important relationship in your life is with yourself. Because no matter what happens you will always be with yourself.”

Extend the same kindness and compassion to yourself that you generously offer to others. Nurture yourself with the same care you wish to receive from someone else. Embrace self-love in the manner you would wholeheartedly love another. You truly deserve it.

5-  Your Happiness Lies in Your Hands.

Realize this: Your happiness is solely your responsibility. This applies whether you’re riding solo or in a relationship. If you find yourself in an unhappy partnership, it’s crucial to acknowledge that staying is your choice.

No significant other has the magical ability to transform your happiness, much like shedding 10 pounds won’t. Empower yourself by recognizing that you wield control over this aspect of your life. You can be single and enjoy life.

6-  Let Go of the Past.

If you are grieving the end of a relationship or having lingering resentments or anger, you might be having trouble moving on. Sometimes childhood experiences can complicate the sense of loss. You might want to consider working with a professional to help you move past this step.

7-  Uncover the Source of Your Discomfort in Singledom.

If there’s a nagging feeling about being single, it’s crucial to pinpoint the root cause. Are you uneasy with solitude? Do you feel less than others who are coupled? Do you need a partner’s reassurance to feel good about yourself?

Figure out where these feelings come from and ask yourself if there might be a more constructive perspective on navigating singlehood.

Bottom Line:

Embrace the journey of being single – it marks the next step in your profound exploration of self-discovery, healing, and personal development. This chapter of your life is an opportunity for unparalleled growth and a chance to cultivate a deeper connection with yourself. Welcome to this transformative phase; may it be filled with valuable lessons and the blossoming of your truest self.

You know how difficult it can be to enjoy being single at some point in your life. Sharing your thoughts could provide valuable perspectives to those who still struggle with being single. Thank you in advance for being a part of this discussion!

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