How to plan and reach your love life goals in the new year


Has it been easy for you to set new goals for your love life in 2019, but the way to reach those goals doesn’t seem so simple or straightforward? For most people, knowing what they need to do is obvious, but the steps required to get there can be hard to pin down.

Maybe you have some inner work to do before you are ready to recognize and meet the man of your dreams, and I’m here to tell you that that’s okay. You want to put your best foot forward when he arrives on the scene, so you’ll be more likely to attract him, and fully recognize and appreciate him. Making a plan can help you with the process of identifying the issues you need to work on, and what steps you need to take to solve any obstacles that are standing in your way to reaching your relationship goals.

For example, is it hard for you to attract the man you want? Can you easily tell if a man wants the same type of relationship that you desire, or do you struggle with your confidence in dating or trusting men?

Having a plan will help you approach these types of issues. When you make a plan, you’ll have a personalized framework for how you want to approach these obstacles, and how to best accomplish them in a way that aligns with your lifestyle, goals, and personality.

How should you start?

1. Identify Your Next Steps

What are the areas that are getting in your way of attracting and keeping your ideal relationship? Do you need tips flirting? Or do you struggle with confidence? Some of you might know that you can benefit from getting some more dating practice but are reluctant to start.

Everyone has their blind spots. If you need some pointers for what you need to work on, please snag a copy of my freebie, The Seven Common Dating Mistakes Women Make. Think about how to break down what you need to work on in baby steps, and work on accomplishing the most straightforward, smallest goal first. This will make the process seem less overwhelming. Once you achieve a modest goal, you can move on to the next one, creating a snowball effect and boosting your confidence to tackle bigger, better things.

2. Straighten Out Your Priorities

Starting with what’s most important to you, according to your personal values and needs, is critical to helping you reach your goals. Many women think they must lose weight before they can even consider the process of finding new ways to meet men and get in some dating practice. But seeing a certain number on the scale does not correlate to finding and keeping a fulfilling romantic relationship. So, should it really be a top priority, or should working on and refining your dating skills and confidence levels take precedence?

If you think that only women who weigh a certain amount find and keep happy romantic relationships, please take a look around. Thinness and beauty do not guarantee romance and happiness. Maybe if you had a few nice dates, you’d feel better about your weight. If you aren’t ready for dating, work on finding other things to improve and offer a man besides losing a few extra pounds.

3. Be Patient and Kind to Yourself

Being critical of yourself will only make changing things harder. Be willing and able to accept any mistakes you make as an integral and inevitable part of the learning process. I’m willing to bet that you’ve probably learned many powerful lessons already, even if the process was painful. Please, give yourself some credit for being brave enough to face that pain and persevere with your goals.

Sometimes, going through this process alone and without guidance and support can make it harder to continue. My online course, How to Be Your Own Brand of Sexy in 5 Simple Steps is designed to equip you with the tools you need to find love and dating success. With the course, you’ll learn:

  • How to find the real, authentic you in dating
  • How to figure out what you want
  • How to get what you want
  • Find love in a way that fits with your personality and lifestyle goals

The course modules will release over a period of several weeks so that you won’t feel bombarded with information. You can go back over the modules and learn at your own pace.

Have you ever ignored your intuition, or gut feeling about something? Nothing good ever comes from ignoring your inner voice. As women, societal expectations often dampen our ability to hear our inner voice or intuition, with disastrous results. If this is something you’ve struggled with, the course can help you overcome this particular obstacle. Knowing how to heed your intuition can help you find, recognize, and keep your Mr. Right.

Do you also struggle with:

  • Flirting?
  • Knowing if a guy is into you?
  • Knowing if your dating partner is marriage material?
  • Recognizing red flags?
  • Hiding your true self in dating?

The course modules all include special tips, insight, and ways to overcome these common dating struggles that many women face. The course will help you increase your confidence levels, so you can become more and more comfortable to reveal your true, authentic self in dating. When you reveal your true self to Mr. Right, he can fall in love with the real, genuine you.

Imagine a better, brighter, more loving 2019 today. You can quickly meet and attract many interesting, decent men with refined dating skills and higher confidence levels. How awesome would it be to know if the man you’re attracted to is a good partner for you, beyond a shadow of a doubt? How much different would your life be with Mr. Right in it?

Sign up for the course waiting list here. Complete the course, and you’ll have all of the tools you need to find Mr. Right and build the strong relationship you want in your life.

What’s holding you back from reaching your love life goals in the new year? What do you hope to accomplish in 2019? Please leave a comment!

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