How to Make Dating Fun for You – Part 1: Realize You’re a Catch!


If you’re single, you probably know what it’s like to go on a bad date. We’ve all been there!

Dating can be difficult. Most dates don’t turn out to be fireworks and love at first sight with a wonderful man. Otherwise you might no longer be single!

Maybe your bad date wasn’t fun because the guy was a jerk, maybe he just wasn’t a good fit for you, or maybe you can’t figure out what went wrong.

Don’t worry, you have the power to start making your dates fun again.

It’s possible that you didn’t have fun because you were too nervous or too worried about making a good impression to enjoy yourself. Maybe it’s time to change your mindset and realize that you’re a catch. This can dramatically improve your dates.

If you remember these 3 things, it’ll help you have more fun on your dates by shifting how you think about yourself:

1. You deserve to be treated well. Some women put up with poor treatment from men (bad dates that aren’t very fun), because they don’t realize that they deserve better. Sometimes they’ve just given up on expecting to be treated in a chivalrous, romantic, or even respectful way. That can cause a woman to say “yes” when she actually wants to say “no” (saying yes to a last minute hang out, when she’d much rather be taken out on a nice date, for example). She might even pretend that everything’s fine when she’s actually unhappy with him. When you stop putting up with poor treatment, you’ll start weeding out the guys who leave you feeling lackluster, or guys will step up their game. Either way, you’ll find yourself on more dates with men who give you butterflies!

2. You’re the prize. Sometimes when we go on a date, we worry a lot about impressing the guy. But remember, it’s not just about impressing him—he needs to impress you, too. You deserve a guy who wants to put in some effort to convince you to go on date #2. Remembering this can make your dates far more fun for you, because you can relax and let him make some effort to win you over. Of course, you do want to be a good companion and appreciate his efforts, but you don’t have to feel so responsible for the outcome of your date.

3. What’s fun for you? Because women are raised to be people-pleasers, some women feel like they have to answer all of his questions and say “yes” to all of his suggestions, even if they aren’t comfortable. That doesn’t make for a very fun date for anyone. If a man asks you a question that you don’t want to answer, it’s OK to be vague, gently let him know that you’d rather not talk about that, or change the subject. What are you into? What do you enjoy talking about? Share that with him! If you’re a foodie, you can discuss how much you like the tarragon flavor in the chicken. Steer the conversation to a topic that’s fun for you!

My new ebook, What to Say to Men on a Date: Be Your Own Brand of Sexy, gives tons of tips on how to answer a man’s questions in a way that works for you, which can make your dates fun again. This ebook shows you EXACTLY what to say when asked common dating questions that sound simple, but are really loaded. It gives you a variety of responses to choose from ranging from serious to playful, so that you can pick the perfect one for you. All the replies are designed to get you what you want.

In the next 2 blog posts, I’ll teach you how to make dating fun by remembering that you always have a choice and by being yourself.

Start getting what you want from men. Be your own Brand of Sexy.

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