Why Do I Always Attract the Wrong Men? 5 Possible Reasons Why


Dating can be tough. It can be filled with bad dates, rejection, and heartbreak. If you’ve had enough disappointment, you are bound to get discouraged and maybe you even feel that you are only attracting the wrong men.

“Is there something wrong with me? Why do other women find love and I’m all alone?”

The dating process can be painful at times and when you’re in pain, it can be hard to look at your situation objectively. The reality is that there’s nothing wrong with you, and other single women also meet men they don’t hit it off with. Most likely, you are making a few mistakes or are stuck in a pattern that leads to bad dates.

It’s important to look at and understand the reasons why you might be struggling. The more you learn about yourself and the dating process, the better dating decisions you can make and the easier this bumpy journey will be.

Here are the 7 reasons why you keep attracting the wrong men:

Attract the Wrong Men Reason #1: You Aren’t Honest About Yourself

Let me ask you this: How honest is your online profile picture? Is it a recent one or one that shows you 10 years younger or 10 pounds slimmer? You may think that you’ll attract more men if you show them a better version of yourself, but it’s not an effective strategy. The men are bound to wonder what else you’re hiding from them when they see your lack of honesty. In this way, you are setting yourself up to be rejected by good, honest men.

How can you attract a man who likes the real you when you are pretending to be something you are not? Try to accept yourself, so you don’t have to hide.

Attract the Wrong Men Reason #2: You Don’t Appreciate Good Men

What do you usually do if a man doesn’t fit your expectation of perfection? Are you ready to move on, even if there might be potential?

Ask yourself this: are you unable to appreciate his good qualities, because of some unimportant and unrealistic standards? For example, maybe he’s not tall so you ignore how kind and generous he is. This type of thinking can make you miss out on a lot of potential good dates, so try to keep an open mind.

Attract the Wrong Men Reason #3: It’s Hard for You to Be Alone

You might settle for less in a relationship to avoid being alone. If you feel empty and lonely without a relationship, you might feel more desperate or needy. Once you get into a relationship, you might still feel alone. If you aren’t happy with your partner, you may be afraid of telling him what’s bothering you or leaving because you don’t want to be alone.

Being alone is painful, but do you want it to dictate how you lead your life? It’s important to learn to live with being alone as this can help you to make better decisions with your relationships.

Attract the Wrong Men Reason #4: You Are Attracted to the Wrong Men

You like men who don’t make good partners. For example, you are attracted to men who are still hung up on their ex or who are too self-centered to be able to make you happy. Maybe they are immature and not ready to settle down, or there is a distance issue. None of these men will ever make you happy.

Try to determine if you tend to get attracted by men who don’t make a good partner and why this might happen.

Attract the Wrong Men Reason #5: You Think You Can Change Him

It’s hard for you to accept the reality of the situation, so you imagine it can be changed. Although he’s been unemployed for years, you think he’s going to soon become a huge success. Whatever the obstacle, you think it can be overcome. You can’t let go, because you think the problem can be fixed. Why can’t you reject him?

Bottom Line:

Be honest with yourself. These problems say something about you. Taking a good hard look at what you might be doing can help you tremendously on your dating journey.

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