3 Basic Flirting Tips and Why They’re Important to Your Love Life


Have you ever heard the saying, “Exploring the unknown requires tolerating uncertainty.”? The world of dating is no different. In an era filled with numerous ways to meet, interact, and formulate relationships, the road to a love life is not so straightforward.

From Tinder and Instagram all the way to meeting through friends, dating has transformed into a complex yet opportunity-filled process for men and women alike.

What initiates those moments, though? The answer is simple: flirting! You’ve probably been doing this since you were 12 years old without even knowing it. Flirting is an aspect of relationships filled with uncertainty because it’s subtle, down to earth, and rather silent sometimes.

You’re essentially getting a feel for whether someone out there is into you without necessarily going up to them and explicitly asking. You might be thinking, “Ok, but I’ve always been nervous to flirt with someone.” Or “I don’t know the first thing about successful flirting.”

Flirting shouldn’t overwhelm you with anxiety and fear. It shouldn’t make your palms sweat and your knees lock. Flirting should be fun, uplifting, cute, and light-hearted.

If you don’t know where to start, that’s ok. It’s not difficult to learn basic flirting tips that’ll get you going in the relationship process. A lot of women out there are in the same situation as you, so don’t fret.

Here are 3 basic flirting tips that every guy and girl should know and master! Read all of them to get to the bonus tip at the end.

Basic Flirting Tip #1: Make Eye Contact

Sometimes, you do this with other people without even realizing it. Why does it have to be different in a romantic setting? There is nothing that screams “I’m interested” more than making consistent, prolonged eye contact with whomever you may be into.

As always, though, the extent of eye contact should match the situation. If you’re in a bar and you see a cute guy, don’t just stare at him for 5 minutes straight. That may scare him off. If you’re on a date with someone, on the other hand, you should definitely make a lot more eye contact with that person, especially since it’s a direct encounter.

The bottom line is this: staring is not ideal. That can indicate hostility and provide an odd feeling for the other person. Learning the art of giving quick and cute glances to someone you’re interested in will make your love life go from “meh” to fantastic!

Basic Flirting Tip #2: Smile

No one wants to approach a potential romantic interest who constantly frowns. Smiling is the ultimate way to demonstrate that you are a positive person, happy, and that you are enjoying yourself in that moment.

Chances are you already do this on a fairly regular basis. Why stop when you get in front of a potential partner?

If you want to show a little more interest, you can use a bigger smile that actually reaches your eyes to really attract the other person.

Basic Flirting Tip #3: Laughter and Playfulness

Fun, fun, and more fun: that’s what people like. Laughter and playfulness coincide with tip #2 because they demonstrate a sense of fulfillment, enjoyment, and happiness that is naturally alluring romantically.

These two components are crucial if you want to truly enjoy your time with your partner. When you laugh at his jokes, for example, it sends a signal to him that you’re having fun and appreciating his company.

When you joke around with a potential partner, that uplifting vibe naturally brings the two of you closer together by indicating that you like being around each other. It’s really that simple.

Your Bonus Tip to Flirting Success

Don’t worry if your flirting skills aren’t up the par yet. Anyone and everyone can learn to utilize the 3 basic flirting tips listed above to boost their love life now and in the future.

All it takes is: motivation, experimentation, and an ability to have fun!

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