3 old-fashioned dating secrets that help you find a good man.


Modern dating isn’t working for millions of women today. When the old rules about dating and romantic relationships were thrown out, we didn’t get any consistent, new guidelines to replace them. Confusion reigns. When the women’s movement and the sexual revolution started, old-fashioned dating habits became at best, passe, and at worst, outright ridiculed.  

Women didn’t want to wait around for men to call them. Women wanted more options and more power and say over the dating relationship. Today, it’s socially acceptable for women to make the first move, and ask men out on dates. And, everyone is free to avoid old-fashioned notions of commitment, and casual sex is widely accepted. Although we may think that women have more power in the dating world now, is it really true? 

 Unfortunately, dating has become much more confusing, and the system is broken. While a lot of the old rules were restrictive and harmful for both men and women, some of them weren’t so bad after all. In fact, bringing back 3 vintage dating rules can help you find and keep a good man. So what are these top 3 old-fashioned dating secrets?  

  1. Protect Your Heart

In the good old days, women could take their time to figure out if a man was trustworthy. Taking this slow was the rule, not the exception like it is today. In the modern dating world, women feel pressured to sleep with a guy thanks to the toxic and widely accepted Three Date Rule. The Three Date Rule pressures women into having sex with a man before they’ve had adequate time to figure out if he is genuinely trustworthy and compatible with her. The Three Date Rule is hardly empowering for women. Women make a rushed decision that isn’t in their best interest. This rule makes it far too easy for women to get involved with narcissistic men, emotionally unavailable men, commitment-phobic men, or worse.  

  1. Expect Top Treatment

Many men have gotten so used to women chasing them that they know they don’t have to put much effort into dating or the relationship. And why should they? Women today call men, they ask them out, they text them all the time, and they have casual sex without getting the commitment from the man that they really want. Women do what they think is “normal” rather than making their priority the way the man treats them. So what’s the bottom line? If you don’t expect respect and top treatment from men, you won’t get it.  

  1. Let Him Lead

Many women today think it gives them the power to ask men out. They don’t want to wait around and wonder if a man is interested. The problem is, asking men out often obscures the answer to the ultimate dating questions: Is he really into you, or not? 

When you ask him out, it’s incredibly hard to find the answer to this question. It confuses the issue. You have to be clever at weeding out the guys who aren’t that into you when you’re the one who does the pursuing.  

How often does he ask you out? What kind of dates does he plan? How often do you hear from him in between dates?  

If he’s only contacting you ever two weeks, he’s not as interested as the guy you hear from every few days. If you’re the one who’s asking him out and initiating text conversations, how do you know when or even if he’s missing you? You don’t.  

You’ll have way more power in the world of dating when you use a few traditional approaches that protect you and make it easy for you to weed out the men who aren’t that into you. Bucking the current dating trends can make your love life a lot more likely to lead to where you want it to go.  

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  • Jim says:

    Most women back in the old days were very old fashioned and real ladies which made love very easy to find. What in the world happened to these women today?

    • Dr. Susan says:

      Hi Jim,

      It’s nice to hear from you.

      I’m sorry to hear it’s been hard for you to find love these days.

      A lot of women are conflicted about what it means to be a “modern woman.” Some of them aren’t comfortable with the idea of a man taking care of them.

      I don’t know that these kinds of issues means that men and women aren’t finding love though. Plenty of couples are finding each other and starting their lives together. Maybe you could think about being a little more open to a woman who wants to be modern and see what happens?

      Let us know how it goes!

      Dr. Susan

  • Guest says:

    With so many women that have their careers nowadays, most of them are very high maintenance, independent, and don’t really want a man anymore, very selfish, greedy, spoiled, picky, narcissists, gold diggers, cheaters, and lets not forget how very money hungry that they’re these days as well. So what are our chances for many of us single men trying to find love today? Not really good at all, now that the great majority of women today are really like this unfortunately. Years ago, most women were very old fashioned at one time which made love very easy to find in those days. That is why our family members had it very easy in those days meeting one another, unlike today when women have really changed now making love very difficult to find for so many of us men still looking. Most women nowadays are going for men with the very big bank accounts as well, unlike the old days when most men and women didn’t really have much at all back then which they were struggling just to make ends meat. Many of us men unfortunately were just born in the wrong Era, and it is just too very bad that we weren’t born in the old days since many of us would’ve met a real nice good old fashioned woman. Even though we would’ve been a lot older today, which many of us would’ve had a good wife and family that many of us men still don’t have now. Most women just want the very best of all nowadays, and will never ever settle for less either. Quite a change in the women today from the past. And this is why many of us men are still single today.

    • Dr. Susan says:

      Hi Guest,

      Thank you for your comments.

      It’s tough to be single. Especially when it feels like your chances of meeting a good partner are slim.

      It’s true that more women have careers than in the past and they may be looking for men with careers also.

      It’s also true that fewer people in lower socioeconomic levels marry.

      That doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t have a relationship or partner.

      I can’t tell you how many women write and tell me that men only look for someone beautiful or slender or confident and they don’t have a chance to meet anyone.

      But is that really true? No.

      All men and women aren’t the same.

      When you believe that they are all the same and you have no chance of meeting anyone, you stop trying to meet someone.

      Maybe it would help to think that all women are different and that you might be able to meet one who can appreciate you.

      Dr. Susan

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