3 Top Reasons Men Reject You and What You Can Do about Them


Most of us are familiar with the sinking feeling of getting rejected. It’s a feeling no one likes.

Unfortunately, dating means that you will get rejected quite often. But, if you want to find the right person, then you need to understand that it does not usually happen the moment when you stick your toe in the dating pool and start dating again. Finding the right match can take a while and it helps a great deal if you can manage any feelings of rejection rather than take it personally, get too discouraged, or give up.

Trying to be a little more objective about your date can help to shield you from the blow of rejection. Unfortunately, women can go to a very self-critical place when they feel rejected, assuming they are too fat, old, or unattractive to interest a man. Most of the time, though, if you are dating men around the same age and level of physical attractiveness as you, the reasons he is not into you may have nothing to do with your looks or age. We’ve just become accustomed to blaming ourselves because our culture tells us that youth and beauty are the most important qualities we have to attract a good man. It simply is not true.

This is what is really going on when a man seems lukewarm about you:

Top Reasons Men Reject You #1:  He Is Not Ready for Love or Commitment.

When he is not looking for a true partner in life, he wants to keep things casual. He might be interested in a sexual relationship, but nothing serious. He may tell you that he wants a committed relationship, but it feels more like it is convenient for him rather than he is truly invested in your relationship.

If he is not ready, the best thing you can do is to recognize that, accept it, and move on. He is not rejecting you, so you don’t need to make it personal. He would reject anyone looking for a committed, deep relationship,

Top Reasons Men Reject You #2:  You Are Not a Match

No matter how charming or attractive you find each other, sometimes a couple is simply not a good fit. If you want to have a family and he has ambitious career goals and wants to postpone a family indefinitely, how will you make that work? If he wants everything his way and you want a partner that you can influence, your future relationship will not work. If he becomes verbally abusive when he drinks but doesn’t want to stop drinking, it is a deal-breaker.

In this situation, you are better off getting rejected. He is doing you a favor to get out of your life because your relationship will not be happy.

Top Reasons Men Reject You #3:  You Don’t Click

You might not hit it off because of the reasons above, but there are times when you might be contributing to the reason why you don’t click. If so, you want to figure out if you are doing something to cause this problem. You can change how you interact with men and improve your love life. Are you too nervous to let your fun and playful side shine through? Are you fully present and engaged in the conversation or is your mind elsewhere? Are you listening to what he is saying or thinking critical thoughts about yourself or him? You can’t make a good connection with a man when you are worried about your outfit or appearance or thinking about your ex.

Bottom Line?

Rejection can be a learning opportunity. Even if you just learn how to handle rejection better, you could make your dating life easier. Figure out how you can make better connections with your dates if that is your issue.

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