5 Surefire Ways to Know if He Really Likes You


When you first start dating a man, and you like him, you’ll get all excited and nervous, wondering if he feels the same about you. Knowing whether or not a guy is into you is one of the most nerve-wracking questions you can have in a brand new relationship. Does it have promise, or are your feelings one-sided? Not knowing how he feels about you can cause you to wonder and worry if the relationship is worth pursuing, or if you’re wasting precious time dating someone who doesn’t feel the same as you. Shouldn’t you just ask him and find out?

Not really!

Putting your feelings out there at the beginning of a new relationship can seem a little premature. Plus, who wants to ruin the romance and the mystery? That’s what makes a new relationship fun and exciting!

There are other, indirect ways to find out if a guy is into you or not. You don’t have to be direct about figuring this out if that’s not your style. Before you give yourself permission to fall head-over-heels or embarrass yourself by asking, look for these 5 signs to tell if he’s really into you:

  1. He wants to know about your interests and hobbies.

Does he care about what’s important to you? Does he ask about your interests, hobbies, beliefs, and values? A guy who is interested in you will want to know more about the things you are passionate about. He’ll ask you questions about these things and want to learn more. If he ignores what’s important to you, or seems dismissive about these things, that’s a red flag and an indicator that he doesn’t reciprocate your feelings.

  1. He’s consistent.

A guy who is interested in you will be happy to see you, make time for you, and will treat you with respect and care consistently. Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde guys, aloof guys, guys who don’t call or text and don’t care about how their insensitive behavior affects you are not into you. Of course, everyone can have a bad day now and then. But if inconsistency is a pattern, run.

  1. He wants to be with you.

If your new dating partner is really interested in you, he’ll be making plans with you, asking you out on dates, and finding ways to be together. If spending time with you seems like a “whatever” prospect to him, that’s not a good sign. You deserve someone who is excited to make time for you.

  1. He respects your opinions and feelings.

When you’re clear about your boundaries, does he respect them? Or does he pout, whine, needle, ignore, or otherwise pressure you to do something you don’t want? A guy who is interested in you will be respectful and willing to let you pace the relationship.

  1. He is supportive of your goals and choices.

A guy who is interested in you and is long-term relationship material will want you to succeed in your goals. Massive, major bonus points if he is willing to help you achieve those goals. A man who doesn’t care, or is dismissive about what you would like to accomplish in your life is not long-term relationship material.

Figuring out if a man that you like feels the same way about you can still be confusing for a lot of women, even if all of these signs are present, or a few of them are. Are you struggling to find out if your dating partner is really into you? You’re not alone. Knowing the answer to this question means you have to develop and focus your dating intuition on the right factors.

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