7 Love Life Mistakes You Can Stop Making Now


Since January is the time for making New Year’s resolutions, we dedicated the month to looking at how to maneuver the process of change. Now that it’s February, many people have already forgotten about their resolutions or feel like it’s too late. But you can’t give up so easily – change usually takes longer than a month.

If you have somehow strayed from your path of change, don’t worry. This post can help remind you how to keep going when things gets tough. Wondering how you should respond to these new challenges? Finish reading this post to gain access to a FREE guide to overcoming common dating mistakes – exclusive for the Be Your Own Brand of Sexy community.

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7 Common Dating Mistakes to Avoid

Even if only a few of these mistakes ring true for you, thinking about them and other potential pitfalls can help you learn how to avoid them.

Here are 7 common dating mistakes, in random order, that many of us have faced in one relationship or another. Do any of them sound familiar to you?

  1. You don’t say “no” to what you don’t want. Whether he’s taking you for granted or he’s not available emotionally because he’s married or doesn’t want to commit, you keep putting up with a no-win situation. It’s going nowhere for you, but you don’t put your foot down to stop it
  2. You’re the one driving the relationship. Are you in a hurry to plan your future together? Does he seem ambivalent about it all? Pushing and nagging can drive a person away. He might feel like you’re pressuring him and resent it. Besides, why stay in a one-sided relationship anyway?
  3. You don’t appreciate the nice things he does for you. Many women today feel conflicted about men doing nice things for them, whether in a relationship or in public. Some feel insulted if a man opens their door, while others don’t even notice the gesture. Making sure to appreciate the behavior you want to promote in men is important to getting what you want.
  4. You don’t accept him the way he is. Do you want to fix something about him? Do you see him as a project? When you point out his messy desk or stained shirt, you are probably just trying to help him, but he may feel insulted or even emasculated. You can accept him how he is and support him if he decides to change.
  5. You bring your work attitude to your love life. Are you so used to taking charge that you don’t let a man help you or take care of you? Could your work mindset be coming off as competitive with your partner? It’s okay to let your guard down after work. No one wants to feel on the defensive at home.
  6. You can’t relax and enjoy yourself around him. Maybe you think you should be able to complain to him about all the problems in your life just like you do with your girlfriends, but most men aren’t wild about delving into deep emotions. They may feel thrown off guard when confronted with discussing something outside of their comfort zone. He may feel overwhelmed or confused about why you’re so upset so often.
  7. You’re not a ‘best friend’ kind of partner. Do you want the best for him, or is it all about you? Can you support his decisions, even if they aren’t what you want? Most men want a partner that can understand them and support them in their pursuits.

What to Do When Faced with Challenges in Love

Are you making any of these mistakes? Don’t worry. With some determination and drive, there are ways you can overcome these patterns. And better still – I have made it as easy as possible for you to start the process. Get my free gift, Seven Common Mistakes Women Make with Men and How to Fix Them, for an in-depth answer guide to all of the love life troubles discussed above.

You don’t have to do this journey alone – the Be Your Own Brand of Sexy community is here to support you every step of the way!

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