3 Powerful Compliments That Any Man Would Love to Hear


One of the most powerful skills in your toolbox of charms is your ability to compliments for men.

But, how to compliment a guy and to whom you give those compliments matters a lot.

You don’t want to sexy compliments for men’s appearance every man you meet on how smart or attractive he is. There is a bit of a strategy behind giving compliments to men so that they feel genuine and are effective. If you want to create a feeling of attraction in him, then your compliment must be truly earned. An earned compliment is more likely to build intimacy while an empty or superficial one can cause him to distrust you.

When you reward someone for doing something you like, that person is more likely to do it again. That psychological principle is called positive reinforcement. Psychological studies show that positive reinforcement is one of the most powerful and effective methods to establish good habits and behavior.

How to compliment a guy? Compliments are an important key to making your relationship work. The more he knows that you like what he does, the more he knows he can make you happy. When you appreciate his efforts, he feels like a hero. This is the process of how a man can “woo” and court a woman, earning her favor by making her happy. Your sexy compliments for men’s appearance lets him know what you like and a good man who really likes you will want to please you.

Although many people recommend that you also tell people what you don’t like, often that can come off as critical. When you are first getting to know a commitment phobic man pattern, it usually works better to appreciate and compliment the things you like without too much criticism. If you don’t find much to compliment, you may not be a match.

All women are different, so you must decide what is important to you in how you are treating. Be clear on what behaviors are important to you so that you will naturally compliments for men’s appearance who is doing what you like.

With those thoughts in love mindset here’s How to compliment a man.

How to compliment a guy: 3 Strategies for Success

Powerful Compliments for Men #1:  “That’s so sweet!”

When a man compliments you, this is the perfect response. If you have any trouble accepting sexy compliments for men address your issues and practice this sentence so that you can work on making this your natural response.

Powerful Compliments for Men #2: “That’s so nice. I really appreciate it when you open my door.”

Be sure to notice and express gratitude for the little things he does. When a man opens your door or does anything special, those actions may seem minor but they are not. The difference between being taken for granted and being treated like a queen lies in how much you value and appreciate his desirable actions. If you express appreciation when he opens your door, he will definitely keep opening doors for you.

Powerful Compliments for Men#3: “You’re so much fun. You really make me laugh.”

This is a great sexy compliments for men when you enjoy his sense of humor. You can compliment him for fixing something for you or being a good listener. For ideas of more compliments to give a man and why they work so well, see pages 143-147 in my book, Be Your Own Brand of Sexy.

Your Next Success Steps: Practice noticing when a man does something nice for you and expressing appreciation for it. Let us know how it affects your love life when you add this charming skill to your dating life!

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