Are You Coming Off as Desperate When Dating? 5 Telling Signs


When you’ve just started dating someone and the world feels like a bright and wonderful place, it can be difficult to realize when you are demanding too much of your partner’s attention.

This is true for both men and women. In fact, men are just as likely to appear desperate but women have to be especially careful. It’s way too easy to give a man the wrong impression and make them think that you are seriously attracted to them. So, any overt behavior on your part can make him think you are really crazy about him.

That can make you more of a target for toxic and unwanted behaviors, like harassing. Also, you definitely don’t want to appear needy or desperate because it’s a turn-off for men. Most are looking for a woman who is happy with her own life and doesn’t need a man to be happy. Above all, keeping your dignity in the dating process is much better for your confidence.

These are the behaviors that are likely to make you look desperate or needy, even though they probably seem completely harmless:

You Look Desperate when Dating Sign #1: Too Many Texts

If he saw your text and has yet to respond, don’t continue to text him. When you double or triple text a man, you start to look way too eager. You’re showing him that you are sitting there waiting for him to reply. Obviously, he is busy or has some other reason to delay texting you back.

Of course, it can be very hard to be patient when you are very excited or interested in a man, but you don’t want to come off as overly eager or like you are too focused on hearing from him.

You Look Desperate when Dating Sign #2: Always Being Available

You don’t want to drop everything when you hear from him. It’s usually a good idea to not accept last-minute invitations. It makes you look like you have nothing better to do or that you’re desperate to see him again.

If he asks if you want to get together this week, don’t tell him any night works for you. Better to ask him what night he had in mind. You want to be trying to fit him into your life, rather than looking like your life revolves around him.

You Look Desperate When Dating Sign #3: Having Too Much Information About Him

It’s bad enough to research everything you can find on him on Google or social media, but it’s even worse to tell him what you discovered. People generally like to have a little bit of privacy, even though it can be easy to find out a lot of information about them. This can make you come off as a little creepy and make him feel like he is being a little stalked.

You Look Desperate When Dating Sign #4: Commenting on Other Women He Is Seeing

Unless you two have decided to see each other exclusively, who he sees and what he does with other women is not really your business, yet. Asking about them makes you look clingy and insecure. Why are you so aware of and concerned with your competition?

You Look Desperate When Dating Sign #5: Giving Him Too Much Information

When you like a man and want to feel a bond with him, you might be tempted to overshare. It’s always better to leave him wanting more rather than making him wonder why you revealed so much private information when he hardly knows you.

If you tend to overshare when you drink a little too much, you might want to cut back to one drink on dates so that you can fully have your wits about you.

Bottom Line:

You can easily ruin your chances with a man by making a bad first impression. Be careful to put your best foot forward when you’re dating.

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