How to Get Your Dream Relationship in One Year


There’s a saying about what a difference a day can make. But what about 365 of them? Once just a single day begins to change things for you, the following year can bring huge, exciting changes into your love life. But finding your dream relationship all starts in one place – with the first date.

You could meet someone tomorrow, and your life could be totally different in a year. Maybe you’d be in an exclusive relationship. Or you could be living together and planning a wedding. Is it hard to imagine? So many good things can happen for you in a year.

When you’ve been single for a while, it can be difficult to stay hopeful when it comes to meeting a good man. When the prospects look bleak, it’s easy to wonder if “all the good ones are taken.” Or you might even begin to find fault with your competitiveness in the singles market today, thinking you’re too old, fat, or that you have some other imaginary physical failing that is the reason you can’t meet Mr. Right.

The more hopeless you feel about the possibility of meeting someone wonderful on the dating scene appears, the less likely you are to put yourself out there to meet men. You also run the risk of not doing what’s necessary to improve your chances of having a first date turn into the first year of the rest of your life. It’s critical that you’re aware of some of the self-defeating behaviors that can stand in your way of finding your dream relationship.

What can you do to change the trajectory and improve your chances of finding love? Keep these tips in mind while looking for your relationship dream.

1. Be positive. Rather than thinking the dating process is hopeless or that you have some fatal physical flaw, try to stay hopeful and optimistic. Maybe it’s taking so long because Mr. Right is in a relationship that won’t work out and he’ll soon be free to meet you and be ready for a relationship with you. Perhaps you still have some lessons to learn to get you prepared to take a relationship to the next level.

2. Get out of relationships that are going nowhere. When you’re single, you might feel that you’re better off in a seriously flawed relationship than being alone. The thought of being single can be scary for some people. But if you’re in that kind of relationship, you aren’t going to be emotionally available for the life-changing, relationship dream you want to find. You probably won’t be on a dating site or going to a party to meet great men, because you’re in a relationship. Your chances of budding romance is pretty much zero when you stay with someone you know isn’t right for you. So think twice before you settle for a guy who doesn’t want the kind of commitment you want or who doesn’t recognize you as the remarkable human being you are.

3. Master basic dating skills. If you’re not having the success you want from dating, could it be that you need to make sure you’re good at the basics? Dating isn’t something we are born knowing how to manage successfully. Sometimes you need to learn or polish your dating skills to find your dream relationship.

4. Don’t repeat old patterns. It’s tough to be open to Mr. Right if you continue to be attracted to emotionally unavailable men. Even if you want a stable relationship with a good man, if you’re attracted to narcissists or bad boys, Mr. Right is just not going to be as appealing to you.  Do you date men who can’t give you what you want? Learn about the seven dating mistakes most women make. Get this FREE report.

5. Be selective. It’s OK to be kind of picky about who you date. If he’s not a nice man or doesn’t care if you’re comfortable with his suggestions, he’s not going to be a good prospect for love. But maybe you can be a little more flexible with any items on your checklist that have to do with height or where he went to school. Don’t weed out a good guy with unnecessary requirements.

6. Get out and meet men. Remember, you aren’t going to meet anyone new, watching TV in your living room. You need practice interacting with men.

7. Keep trying. Keep in mind what you’re striving for – a happier love life. When you face obstacles, let the vision of your relationship dream be your main reason to keep going. Don’t give up on your dreams. Don’t give your goals a drop-dead time frame. If you aren’t accomplishing what you want on your dates, try to figure out what isn’t working so that you can improve. Use your dates for learning and growth.

So, what are you going to do now to get on the path to getting the love life you want? Please feel free to leave a comment below and let us know what’s working for you.

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