How Learning Effective Dating Skills Can Help Empower You


When you are worried about your love life, you probably don’t care that much about women’s empowerment.

After all, what’s the connection between your love life and the empowerment of women? And, what does improving your love life have to do with it?

More than you think…

Understanding this connection might help you to become even more motivated to learn how to date effectively. When you have effective dating skills, not only you are empowering yourself, but also raising the bar for other women too.

The Connection Between Dating and the Gender Gap

Every year, the World Economic Forum publishes a Global Gender Gap Report that looks at national gender gaps and projects trends to predict when we will achieve gender parity. They predict that it will take over 100 years for the global gender gap to close. Think the US is leading the pack? We’re in 53rd place. Although things have greatly improved for women, we are still far behind.

Romance is not frivolous. Spending your life with a partner is a true connection that most of us eventually want. When you marry a man who you can influence and live happily ever after, you are fighting for women’s equality. You are providing a model for your family and friends of true equality.

But your romantic life isn’t the only aspect that will benefit from this empowerment. You will also master the skills you need to find the right man and make a relationship work.

Here are the reasons why learning effective dating skills can help empower you in other areas of your life:

Effective Dating Skills Empower You Reason #1: You Have More Time

The more time you spend on men who don’t treat you well, the less time you are probably spending on empowering yourself. If you could get your love life going in the right direction, you would have more time and energy to work on your career, education, family, and finances.

“But Dr. Susan, I hear you cry, there are no good guys out there!”

I am not saying you must meet Mr. Right today, just that it’s time to weed out all those Mr. Wrongs who are sucking your time and energy.

Effective Dating Skills Empower You Reason #2: Saying “No” Works

When you can say “no,” you are much more likely to get what you want instead of doing what is just in the interest of other people. Real power is knowing what works for you and having the courage to stand up for yourself. It’s having the ability to say “yes” to what you want and “no” to what you don’t want.

Effective Dating Skills Empower You Reason #3: You Communicate Better

If you don’t care about having relationships with anyone, then maybe you can avoid learning how to communicate. Otherwise, it’s a key ingredient for work, play, and love. Effectively communicating helps you to address any problems in your relationships and usually works much better than keeping what is bugging you to yourself.

Effective Dating Skills Empower You Reason #4: More Confidence

When you start to become less afraid of ruffling someone’s feathers and you begin to see the power you have when you make these kinds of changes, it often leads to greater confidence. You can do what’s best for you whether other people approve or not.

Effective Dating Skills Empower You Reason #5: Greater Authenticity

When you no longer have to tiptoe around other people’s opinions, you can truly be yourself. Rather than worrying about pleasing everyone else, you can take better care of yourself. You can feel free to be the real you.

Effective Dating Skills Empower You Reason #6: Better Relationships

When you become comfortable doing what is right for you, it gets easier for you to tell the difference between someone you can work out your problems with and someone who doesn’t really care how you feel. Then you can choose to surround yourself with those with whom you can have a mutually supportive relationship rather than people who you have to tiptoe around.

Effective Dating Skills Empower You Reason #7: You Become More Resilient

When you don’t have to jump through hoops to make other people happy, you are less likely to take criticism to heart. It becomes easier for you to tell when it is the other person’s problem, not yours.

Your Next Success Steps:

Where will you start on this journey of empowerment?

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