Don’t Get Burned by a Microwave Romance


A microwave romance is one that progresses at lightning speed. It also typically explodes in your face.

We’ve all seen a TV show or movie about love at first sight. A man and woman hit it off, the scene cuts to the two rolling between the sheets, and their romance unfolds to a lifetime of love and bliss. The formula has become so common that we see it everywhere. If only dating in real life was that easy! Unfortunately, these types of relationships usually turn out to be microwave romances, rather than love at first sight. Having sex early on puts you in a very vulnerable position. A few dates isn’t long enough to really know a man or to be sure that he’s going to treat you well. It takes time for you to know if he’s trustworthy. When you don’t take that time, you might be taken by surprise if he disappears for any number of reasons—maybe he’s not interested in committing, or he just wanted to have sex, or maybe you just aren’t a good match. Whatever the reason, you might get hurt if you’ve already slept together.So how can you avoid getting burned by the explosion of a microwave romance?

1.   Recognize that media and peer pressure solutions might not be right for you. Studies show that we often underestimate how much others influence us, so you may not realize how much those TV shows and movies affect your idea of what a romance “should” be. When sex is so glamorized, it leaves us feeling like we’re supposed to be having lots of sex, and that something is wrong with us if we get attached. The truth is that we’re built for attachment.

2.   Slow down. Take time to get to know a man before jumping into bed, and don’t have sex without the commitment that you want. That way, if you do decide to have sex, you’ll be more confident that you’re on the same page about what you each want. You’ll also know more about his character and if he deserves your trust. If after a few dates you realize that he isn’t a good guy, but you haven’t slept with him yet, it’ll be much less painful to walk away.

3.  Don’t settle for less than a 5 star relationship. 5 star restaurants don’t prepare your food in microwaves. They let the food soak, simmer, and marinate. The more time they take, the better the food is. If you want a 5 star romance, the microwave is not your answer. Faster doesn’t equal better. Great relationships take time to evolve. What’s your hurry? Rushing the process often blows up in your face. Let him try to win you over. Let him do nice things for you. You deserve a Michelin Star gourmet romance, not Burger King.

Even though it seems like microwave romances are the norm these days, they heat up rapidly and can burn you. Real love takes time to develop. Do microwave romances work for you? If not, remember that you can choose to slow things down. Being your own Brand of Sexy means doing what works best for you. Take this quiz to find out if you are being your own Brand of Sexy!

How do you feel about microwave romances? Do you think they turn into love or explode? I’d love to hear from you. Please share your comments below and on Facebook and Twitter.

You can do this. Join the revolution. Be your own Brand of Sexy and get what you want.

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