How to Attract Your Ideal Partner


Most single women have an idea of what type of man they want to be with. Many women even make The List – you know the one, the list that says things like “must be at least 6 ft tall with brown hair and blue eyes, must have a stable job, must like kids, must be funny…”

While knowing what qualities you look for in a partner is important, it’s even more important to know how you want to feel in a relationship. A guy can meet all of your criteria on paper, but still be wrong for you if you don’t connect in more meaningful ways.

So how do you attract your ideal man?

1. Know yourself. How can a man get to know you and figure out if you’d be a good partner for him if you don’t know yourself? Follow the being your own Brand of Sexy guidelines if you’re uncertain about this and need some help getting to know yourself. Find them here.

2. Imagine your perfect relationship. How do you feel in that relationship? How do you feel about the way he treats you? Ask yourself these questions:

·        How do you and your partner interact? Show appreciation for each other? Express love?
·        Do you want lots of laughter? Physical affection? Financial security?
·        Do you want him to be your best friend?
·        Do you want sexual monogamy?
·        How do you want disagreements to be handled?
·        Do you want to be able to communicate easily? Do you want to talk with him about your feelings,                thoughts, concerns, and problems? Do you want him to share these things with you?
·        Do you want to share decisions?
·        What do you want to do with your partner? Travel, have children, spend time with family and friends?
·        Is being physically active very important to you?
·        How do you want to raise your children if you have them?
·        Do you want to share religious beliefs? Political views?

Understanding the kind of relationship you want will help you find a man who you connect with on a deeper level, regardless of how tall he is or what color his eyes are.

3. Appreciate how he treats you. Recognize how you feel when he treats you well. If a man treats you with kindness and respect, let him know that you appreciate it. Say “thank you,” or “that’s sweet of you.” A good man wants to be your hero. The more you appreciate the nice things he does for you, the more attractive to him you become.
4. Meet your own criteria. Do you have the qualities you are looking for? If you want a physically active relationship, are you physically active now? If you want a relationship with good communication, do you know how to effectively express your thoughts and feelings? If not, maybe you have a little work to do. Develop into a person you admire to attract someone you admire. Work on being happy, secure, and OK being alone.

Do you do some of these things already?  I’d love to hear from you.  Please share your experiences in the comments below and on Facebook and Twitter.

You can do this.  Join the revolution.  Be your own Brand of Sexy and get what you want.

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