Do You Make Excuses For Men? Take This Quiz!


When it comes to dating, too many of us settle for less than we deserve. We date men who don’t treat us well, and then we make excuses for their bad behavior.

Are you making excuses for men? Take this simple “yes or no” quiz to find out. For each question, give yourself 1 point if you answer “yes.”  If you answer “no,” give yourself 0 points.

1.  When he calls for a last minute date, do you tell yourself, “He’s really busy”?

2.  When he wants sex but hasn’t brought up monogamy, do you figure that guys don’t talk about commitment these days?

3.  When he expects you to pay for dinner, do you tell yourself, “Wanting him to pay is old-fashioned”?

4.  When he shows up late for dates, do you think, “Traffic must have been bad”?

5.  When he calls late at night to “hang out,” do you figure that he worked late?

6.  When he won’t commit, do you cut him some slack because he had a bad breakup with his ex?

7.  When he doesn’t offer you his jacket when you’re cold, do you tell yourself, “Guys don’t do those things anymore”?

8.  When he flakes on your plans, do you say to yourself, “Something important must have come up, we can reschedule”?

9.  When he’s rude to the waitress, do you tell yourself, “He must have had a bad day at work”?

10. When he forgets your birthday, do you tell yourself, “He’s just forgetful”?

Now add up your points. If you scored a 3 or more, you might be making excuses for men.

There’s no good excuse for treating you badly. You deserve a man who will put in the effort to treat you well!

If a man isn’t treating you as well as you deserve, it’s OK to be upset about that and to speak up. It’s important to let a man know that you expect to be treated with respect and that you have boundaries. Otherwise, he can keep treating you poorly. Unfortunately, many women aren’t sure how to do this.

Because so many women struggle with these issues, I wrote my new ebook, What to Say to Men on a Date: Be Your Own Brand of Sexy. This ebook will walk you through exactly what to say to men, so that you no longer have to put up with poor treatment. Plus, by learning what to say in common dating situations, like when he calls for a last minute date or makes a move without bringing up monogamy, you’ll gain more confidence to stand up for yourself in constructive ways.

The ebook helps you answer tricky questions from men in a way that you are comfortable with and fits your personality by giving you a variety of responses to choose from. They all make it clear that you expect to be treated well, without creating any tension, awkwardness, or discomfort. There’s even advice on how to respond flirtatiously and playfully. All the replies are designed to get you what you want.

Even the questions men ask that seem easy to answer can lead to miscommunication or give the wrong impression. That’s why the ebook includes basic dating questions that most single women regularly encounter, as well as advice on how to handle men who are upset, unreasonable, or who aren’t treating you well.

How did you do on the quiz? Do you make excuses for men? I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment here, on Facebook, or on Twitter.

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You can do this. Be your own Brand of Sexy and get what you want!

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