How to Date in the Era of Coronavirus


Everyone in the world has the Coronavirus on their mind, and for good reason. It’s challenging to live in a world that’s facing a pandemic. You may have important questions about how to stay safe while also clinging to a sense of normal life:

     •  Should you travel?

     •   Should you lock yourself inside your home?

     •   Should you put everything on hold?

And these questions have merit, especially since the virus is known to be extremely contagious. Moreover, even the doctors tasked with keeping everyone safe don’t have all the answers and are still learning about the virus. There is no cure and no treatment specifically for the coronavirus. Healthy people may have an easier time getting over it, but those who are older or suffering from some serious health issues are at risk.

But what about your love life? Sure, it can seem rather trivial to even think about finding the right man when the world is dealing with an epidemic, but what if this was the year you wanted to meet someone special and start a new relationship? Should you put these plans on hold? How can you even move a relationship forward when everyone’s telling you to avoid human connection and stay indoors?

An Opportunity

You do need to be more careful during the Coronavirus epidemic, but that doesn’t mean your entire life has to be put on hold. Even if you avoid going out of the house to a bar or a club, you are still left with the convenience of modern technology which still allows you to connect with people.

The Internet has changed the way we can date. Some hate it, some actually prefer it, but it’s no question that during this time it’s the perfect way to stay safe and not put your love life on hold.

Although it’s always best to meet a new potential partner in real life to see if you’re really interested in each other, online dating can be a way to tell if he’s worthy of your attention first. And you can do it from the comfort of your home before you put in all that effort to see him in a bar or restaurant.

In fact, it can even be beneficial! Think about it: right now, you have the perfect excuse not to rush things and go meet a perfect stranger. You can take the time to talk to him online, see if he really is a nice guy and if you have anything in common with him.

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And yes, some men won’t be patient. Some will try to pressure you to meet up soon, sooner than you’d like. Others will even get the “wanna hang?” question out before they even say hello. Online dating has made these guys reveal themselves early on. That’s how you will know they are not the ones for you.

The good guys will be patient and understanding. Even if they propose a real-life date, if you refuse and tell them you’re not ready yet, the good guys will understand, and give you time. Those who want to pressure you will try to make you feel like there’s something wrong with you for not wanting to meet them. After all, they did take the time to write a 3-word message. Who in their right mind could resist such a courtship?

When used right, online dating can allow you to weed out the guys who aren’t right for you because they will understand why you don’t want to jump into a first date right away.

Bad guys don’t do that. They put things on fast-forward because at the end of the day they’re looking for something short-term, or not that serious. And they’re not just pressuring you to meet – they are probably talking to a few other women at the same time.

Online dating can let you get to know a guy, and the context of this epidemic protects you from your own desires to jump into things you’re not ready for. Even if he seems like a nice guy after you’ve chatted, and you agree to go on a date with him, you’ll ask yourself: Do I really want to expose myself to his germs yet? What if he sneezes? So, you may wait more, until you’re truly ready.

You Still Deserve a Life

It’s perfectly reasonable to expect this whole epidemic to slow down the dating process, especially when it comes to the physical aspect of it. And you can use the Coronavirus scare as a way to protect your heart, on top of protecting your health. When you have to meet a new man for the first time in public, you’ll think twice about if you want to expose yourself to the risks. Is he really worth it? Or should you wait?

These are questions you should be asking all year long, but during these times they should be more prominent. If the guy is amazing, and you truly are on the lookout for love, you may not want to wait unless your doctor says you should stay at home, or you’re concerned about any higher health risks you may have. Be sure to follow the recommended safety precautions to keep yourself safe. If you don’t want to put your entire life on hold, give online dating a shot.

Has the Coronavirus affected your dating life in any way? Let us know in the comments!

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