How to Keep From Messing Up Your Budding Romance


If you’re looking for a serious, committed romantic relationship, it’s all about figuring out if he’s going to be the right partner for you. How to avoid the friend zone? Are you two compatible? And, it’s also critical to learn how to keep from messing up your budding romance. There’s nothing worse than finding a guy who seems like “the one,” only to make a critical mistake that kills the relationship and turns the budding romance sour.

Unfortunately, women make several common mistakes when it comes to protecting the budding romance. So, how can you nurture a blossoming budding relationship that has promise? You need to know how to promote his feelings of togetherness rather than sabotage them. Below are 7 top tips for how to not mess up your budding romance and protect the romantic relationship as it grows into something special.

1. Learn how to enjoy his company budding romance.

Sure, it’s easy to enjoy the company of a person you’re wildly attracted to. But do you demonstrate that you also enjoy the company of someone who is a nice person and seems like they have long-term potential, even if you aren’t crazy-attracted to them yet?

If you don’t enjoy the dating process or can’t appreciate nice men, you might be missing the good ones out there who are looking for commitment and would make loving, long-term partners. You don’t enjoy his company in the early parts of the dating phase, he might not ask you out again. If you’re in a lousy mood, cut the evening short or reschedule the date, so you have the opportunity to give him another chance when you’re feeling more positive and appreciative about the dating experience.

2. Appreciate the nice things he does for you.

A good man wants to make you happy and will do nice things for you. A man who isn’t that into you isn’t going to put in as much effort. Learn to tell the difference and expect to be treated well. Remember to express your gratitude when a date does something nice for you that demonstrates he was putting your needs or preferences first.

When you appreciate him in this way, you’re encouraging him to keep being kind to you. Why would anyone put in the effort to be caring and accommodating if their efforts are never acknowledged? The same principle applies to dating.

3. Don’t worry about your confidence.

People will tell you that you can’t find love without confidence, but that’s not true, and you can build a successful romantic relationship even if you’re a little insecure. As long as you don’t psych yourself out about your lack of confidence, you too can find a good man.

4. Don’t worry about your looks.

This tip ties into number 3. The more you worry about your appearance on your date, the less present and engaged with him you’ll be. Besides, most men do not ask women out on dates if they don’t find them attractive. But attraction and physical appearances aren’t everything and won’t help you build a stable relationship. Worrying about your looks will prevent you from establishing rapport with a man.

If he doesn’t feel connected to you, you’re probably going to lose a chance for another date and prevent yourself from building a meaningful connection with someone interested in you. Indeed, you don’t have to be the most successful, confident, or beautiful woman to find love. Try not to let your insecurities take center stage and just enjoy his company.

5. Appreciate what you have to offer.

Knowing your value as a person is essential. It helps you to see what you bring to a budding relationship and helps you to feel like an equal. When you think that you deserve respect, it becomes much easier to lose interest if he doesn’t treat you well.

6. Admit your mistakes.

He has feelings too. If you’ve done something stupid or insensitive, apologize. That doesn’t mean that you should reveal all your flaws in the first couple of dates. But if something comes up and you blow it, say you’re sorry. The path to real intimacy starts with forging those deeper connections, and genuinely apologizing when you’ve done something to offend someone can take the relationship to new levels if both partners are willing to move past the offense. Keeping your ego in check will help protect the budding romance and keep the budding relationship from fizzling out.

7. Set limits.

This is the flip side of number 6. Even the nicest guy might be late or say something you don’t like that can offend you or hurt your feelings. Learning how to communicate your displeasure effectively and respectfully is an important and a critical skill for maintaining a successful, meaningful relationship. You don’t want to run him off by scolding him or overreacting. If you’re extremely angry or hurt, wait a little bit and let yourself cool off before approaching him. Words said in anger can’t be taken back and can permanently damage the trust you’ve built so far in the relationship.

Have you ever messed up a new budding romance in any of these ways? What did the experience teach you? Leave us a comment below.

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